Of course, they can bring all the boys to the yard, but which joint in Tampa has the BEST milkshakes? I did a totally scientific poll of my Facebook friends, and here’s the most popular recommendations from local musicians, actors, witches, and knowledgeable foodies.

Bo’s Ice Cream, Seminole Heights

Practically an institution in Seminole Heights (although it’s just north of Sligh, so some hipsters call that Carrollwood), Bo’s is known for its thick and chunky shakes - but don’t let that description make you feel like a fat ass and keep you from getting the milkshake that you deserve. Enjoy the olde-timey experience of a walk-up window and the colorful local denizens while the staff whips you up super affordable coffee shakes with tiny frozen bits of instant caffeinated deliciousness all up in it.

Goody Goody Burgers Hyde Park

Recently reopened by the Gonzmart family, Goody Goody was originally lauded in 1929 as a BBQ place. This place is perfect for recovery after a night on the town - breakfast is served ALL DAY (awww yisssss), they have mimosas and local craft beer, and they happen to make old school milkshakes with Old Meeting House ice cream. You’d expect a restaurant owned by the same folks that own the Columbia and Ulele to be a bit pricey, but the shakes here are cheaper than that weird place with staff dressed like dead celebrities in Pulp Fiction.

Photo by Kelly Flannery South Tampa Chamber of Commerce

Datz Dough South Tampa

The sugared-up stepchild of South Tampa’s legendary Datz , Dough has the most expensive shakes on this list - but these babies got something the others don’t. These shakes are made with artisanal, locally crafted ice cream, lovingly handmade by only the best looking Tampa food hipsters, and THEY WILL PUT LIQUOR IN THEM IF YOU ASK NICELY. That’s right, go ahead and get a bourbon topper to that shake, you’ve earned it for dealing with going to Palma Ceia - and try not to get run down by a rabid soccer mom in a Lexus SUV on the way home. 

Datz Dough Boozy Shakes

Campbell's Dairyland Brandon

A long-time local favorite this is the perfect time to hit up Campbell's for their limited time only Pumpkin Milkshake!  Open since 1985, in November 2002 a fire shut them down for eight months but in 2003 they came back stronger than ever! Stop in to meet this resilient family and enjoy one of the BEST milkshakes in Tampa at Campbell's.

Dairy Joy, South Tampa

There is a hidden treasure in super South Tampa, down almost to Gandy Blvd. Nestled next to a propane shop where guys named Earl to hang out and a nail salon (sometimes Earl hangs out there too), Dairy Joy has been serving up the area’s absolute best peanut butter shakes since 1960. I also have to acknowledge their giant yet exquisite chili cheese dogs, because of chili cheese dogs, come on. Be sure to bring the green for your ‘cream, because this place is CASH ONLY.

Even the BIG kids still love it when Mom and dad Irene and John Few take them to Dairy Joy

Sprinkles Cupcakes and Ice Cream Hyde Park

How could a place dispensing delicious cupcakes from an ATM machine NOT also have a delicious milkshake!  With two big scoops of ice cream, can you guess what they add to the blender?  You guessed it, a moist, rich, decadent cupcake! Like nothing you've ever tried, this milkshake is a must have!

I could go on and on because Tampa sure loves sweet treats - what kind of shake brings the boys to your yard? Where do you like to go for a thick and creamy sensational shake?  North Tampa, West Tampa, Seminole Heights, Town & Country, Westchase, Citrus Park we need to hear from you! Where do you find the Best Milkshakes in Tampa in your neighborhoods?