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5 Rating

Only club in Tampa with a rotating dance floor! Amphitheatre is a great place for dance/house/electro music and they bring some great DJs. Big venue with good views of the dance floor from upstairs and a balcony overlooking 7th Ave.

Pros: Great club in the heart of Ybor City that brings great DJs and events.

Cons: Drinks are a little pricey and the crowd seems to be younger a lot.

5 Rating

It was definitely a good time, will come back often for sure.

Pros: great music, drinks, etc.

Cons: too many guys touching on me

5 Rating

It was pretty nice, but u gotta know today's scene with teens, rolling there face off with finger lights lol, the music was good, and the crowd was amped.but overall it was nice, everyone was friendly, and the bathroom attendants are awesome, cj is a good man, security was a little uptight and anal and ignored you half the time, but that's their job lol.

Pros: Atmosphere, gets you pumped

Cons: Security, drunk and messed up teens.

5 Rating

I love it here. If I could I'd spend every night here. I love going Saturday night. I always have a great time ;)

5 Rating

Only place in tampa bay where the edm scene goes every week. Try going on a non-event night if you would like to drink. On event nights admission is upped to at least $10 and drinks start at the same price.. The atmosphere is like no other club here & the bass plays pretty loud.

Pros: Music sounds good. Djs play at the venue

Cons: Line out front is sometimeds long. They need more bartenders

5 Rating

Amazing every time I go!

Pros: Just plain awesome

Cons: Bathroom attendants only get paid tips

3 Rating

Inconsiderate Power-trip having staff & Security that could give less if people get harmed, or if others are over dosing. It won't even be seen, they'll turn the other cheek. The trashiest alcoholic dancers that I personally have ever seen, wearing two band aids and a cork, that dis-tastefully hump air and plastic blow up beach toys. Bathroom staff that give you attitude for not tipping them every time you walk in. Phenomenal shows and some of the best artists but an atmosphere of zombies, drug distribution, obvious blunt smoking, rolling eyes, grinding jaws, grimy filthy, unsanitary caked up dirt everywhere. Should be in some sort of health code violation. Kids playing with lights like it's a legitimate profession. Creepy guys that touch girls inappropriately and get away with it after complaints. Porn Star wannabes everywhere. WAY over crowded and over packed. WAY over priced, dis-organized guest lists that tend to leave people out. The Cons exceed the pros.

Pros: seeing people occasionally getting busted distributing drugs, some great EDM artists come through.

Cons: Same repetitive DJ's with huge egos and cocky attitudes, innocent people not being helped, substance consistent abusers being over-looked. No class, tons of new kids that just want to does and stare at lights, too packed for flow-arts talent. Poor, careless management. Only to name a few. Shallow judgmental image of who 'should' and 'shouldn't' be allowed to enjoy the music. Don't ever go see, he rips everyone else's. Fridays are too packed to breathe. The "Rudegirl" photographer is indeed rude, and won't post your pictures unless you're a stick figure with pupils the size of your fist.

3 Rating

The staff is horrible. They told me meet and greet, VIP, and general admission were all one line and would not let me in the meet and greet at 5:15 and it started at 5. I watched a security guard snatch a cigarette out of a fans mouth and throw it in the trash, and then have to dig it out because it was starting to catch fire and you can smoke in this club so what was the need for that? Machine Gun Kelly pointed and told ppl to get on stage and this same guard refused to let her and even pulled some others that were told to get on stage off. Also at the near end of this show I passed out from heat exhaustion and 3 Garda just walked by as I was on the ground and never once asked if I was ok but instead just looked at me and walked past. Thank god for the ppl in the crowed that saved me. There is no such thing as VIP in this place and I will not ever waste a dollar in this place again. I would rather spend 5x's the money and see a show out of state.

3 Rating

They gave me a wristband before I paid. They then took my ID as collateral while I went to the ATM down the street (not the one inside). On my way to the ATM I recanted because I had met up with some other friends. I went back to get my ID and they mistaken me for someone who had gone inside! They demanded that I pay them $10 to get my ID back. I couldn't believe what was happening to me. I had a sheriff'deputy for the city of Tampa talk to the staff after the manager refused to come out to speak to me about it! Sense it was my word versus their's, the deputy said that it would be a civil case with which the cost would obviously exceed $10.

Pros: Night club atmosphere is okay because I've been here before this terrible experience.

Cons: Bouncers have a false sense of authority especially for their size and interpersonal skills. Managment is extremely unfriendly and unprofessional.

1 Rating

spend your money elsewhere


Cons: Tells a 40 year old man how to dress before entering the club

5 Rating

This club is banging!!:)

5 Rating

Always a good time, never left unhappy!

Pros: Great music/DJs, friendly crowd, great environment, the best sound and lighting in Ybore by far...

Cons: Not open as often as some other places...

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5 Rating
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4 Rating

bottles prices are kinda up there considering youll be charged an extra 60 per bottle on your card

Pros: good music, comfortable seating, clean restrooms

Cons: service

5 Rating

Pros: best nightlife in tampa, the DJ's are amazing they bring here

Cons: can get very cramped some nights,

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