Baluka Billiards and Lounge Ratings & Reviews

5 Rating

Great poolhall, friendly staff with great service. Baluka is one of the cleanest poolhalls I've ever been in and I've been in a lot. I don't know what the guy was complaining about, one of the things that made it nice was no rednecks with wifebeaters on, self explanatory.

Pros: Great tables,service and atmosphere.

1 Rating

Baluka Sucks Went there to meet 5 friends. I had a regular tank-top on. Got told to leave. Fine, except this is a piece of crap pool hall not a night club. Worse yet, apparently women can wear spaghetti strap tanks but guys have to wear sleeved shirts. I don't know if anyone told these idiots but this is Florida in the middle of summer and this is just a regular pool hall and not even a real nice one. At any rate, me and my five friends went somewhere else and spent our $150 and since we do this once or twice a month the owner/manager lost out on some revenue as well as a lot of goodwill. I'm telling everyone I know about this shitty experience and put it in my blog as well. Furthermore, I left a message on the owner's/business' voicemail so it could be explained to me why they have this policy and the worthless slobs did not even have the courtesy to call me back. Finally, the server at the bar was fairly superficial as well and had NO clue why the establishment has such a stupid policy--she even said it was stupid! What a shit hole!

Pros: pool tables

Cons: stupid dress code for a crappy pool hall.

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1 Rating
5 Rating

Pros: Nice, clean, and fun pool hall. The tables are great, the sticks are in great condition, and the specials they run (both pool and drinks) are awesume.

Cons: Its non-smoking, and the bathrooms are hard to find.

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