Sky Zone is the originator of wall-to-wall aerial action and the go-to place in Tampa Bay for family-friendly fun that keeps everyone moving. Aside from offering Tampa families 20 attractions ranging from fitness classes to dodgeball championships, Sky Zone also excels as a community partner.

Part of their passion lies in giving back to their community and this fall, they made a huge impact in Tampa Bay. Their back to school drive provided a ton of school supplies to area students. 

Piling into two brightly colored Sky Zone Jeeps, seven members of the Tampa Bay Sky Zone team took a day off from their normal duties and went back to school shopping for a local elementary school. Pens, pencils, binders, and notebooks were purchased specifically for the elementary school students. In fact, the elementary school’s wish list was so huge, Sky Zone team members had to make two separate trips! By the time they were finished, the receipts were taller than most Sky Zone team members!

In addition to school supplies, Sky Zone also went shopping for much-needed classroom supplies that classroom teachers and elementary school staff often times purchase using funds from their own paycheck. The Sky Zone team came to the rescue delivering anti-bacterial wipes, tissues, and paper towels to teachers. By the end of their shopping excursion, both Sky Zone Jeeps were filled with supplies for students and teachers that were delivered to the elementary school.

The students and teachers were extremely grateful for the donations and Sky Zone team members couldn’t be happier with the result. Thanks to them, deserving kids and hard-working teachers can worry about a few less things when preparing to start a new school year. For these employees, it’s just another day on the job. Sky Zone’s commitment to helping its community and creating a safe and creative space for kids can also be seen in their many attractions and programs. Whether you’re an adult that wants to participate in a challenging obstacle course challenge or a new parent that wants to take your toddler for a fun day of bouncing on trampolines and working on motor skills, there’s something for everyone at Sky Zone!

Located at 10137 E. Adamo Drive Suite 800B, Sky Zone is the one-stop-shop for family-friendly fun! They're dedicated to giving back to Tampa Bay. Sky Zone is a committed community partner. They were able to donate a ton of school supplies to local students this fall and look forward to more community opportunities. Sky Zone can host your next fundraiser and will donate a portion of every guest’s entrance fee to your organization or group so you can get in the fun too! 

For more information, visit Sky Zone online or give them a call at 813-833-1740. They're also the perfect spot to host a birthday party or other fun event too! 

Image courtesy of 813area