There are some people who you can think of a dozen gifts for and others who you can’t think of one thing for. These close friends, relatives, or significant others seem to have everything they want -- which means you can’t think of anything they need! 

Don’t get stumped this holiday season as you scramble to find the perfect gift. Consider these five gift options for the person that has everything. 

#1) Look for Unique Experiences

The experience economy has flourished over the years as more people reject physical things in favor of activities or events. In fact, 78% of Millennials would rather spend money on experiences (like concerts, dining out, and adventures) than things. You can tap into this trend by getting experiences for your friends and family. Just remember, the devil is in the details. For example, if you buy someone concert tickets, make sure you plan how you will travel to the concert, where you will eat beforehand, and what concert swag you need to budget for.  

#2) Invest in Health and Wellness

Your family member or significant other may have multiple watches or all the tech gadgets they need, but they only have one body. Look for ways to improve the health of that body this holiday season through wellness-focused gifts. This could include a massage to help relax and work through any pain or personal training sessions to improve their gym form. Base the wellness gift on their personal needs and health goals. Here are six wellness-based gifts to consider from Florida Wellness Medical Group. Their services range from primary and chiropractic care to nutrition and wellness. They're conveniently located with five locations in Tampa Bay.  

#3) Buy Prepaid or Subscription Services

Try to anticipate the needs of the person and work to solve them. For example, if they feel overwhelmed at a new job and don’t have much time at home, look into a laundry or cleaning service that takes care of their space. Paying for this for a few months, or even a year, can reduce a mental burden on them and make their lives more enjoyable. You can also look for meal subscription services and other monthly gifts that bring surprises to their mailbox. 

#4) Create Something Homemade and Personalized

Some people may seem like they have everything, but that’s just because they don’t like generic gifts. Take a few steps to create something personal, like a homemade gift or a gift based on a memory that you share together. This shows that you really put effort into what that person means to you and want to build on the memories you have. This can make even a low-budget homemade gift absolutely priceless.  

#5) Pool People Together to Support a Charity 

You can donate to a cause that is close to your friend or family member’s heart, or you can take time to gather people around you to make a large group donation in their name instead. This can increase your impact and show that you put effort into making their gift happen. 

Give the Perfect Gift This Holiday Season

Finding the perfect gift for “the person who has everything” isn’t easy, but the search is worth it. Use these tips to find something that they won’t expect but will love!


Cover photo from Unsplash