Every year, the Halloween costumes that get the most laughs are the ones you coordinate with your friends. So if you and your friends are planning on attending the same party, bar crawl or event start coordinating now! The hardest part about doing a group costume is figuring out which friends will actually go through with it so you can make up the whole cast of your favorite show or movie without missing an important character. Check out these suggestions for groups of 4-10 people and you're guaranteed to get lots of laughs as you coordinate your costumes together. 

The Office Cast

There are a few different ways to do the Office Cast costumes. Either you and your friends can all dress as a different Michael Scott, whether its prison Mike, date Mike, Michael Scarn or any other version of Micheal Scott that speaks to you, the costumes for this are likely easier to make at home! However, we've got some accessories listed here that will help other partygoers identify you! 

70s Show Cast

As one of the most iconic shows from the early 2000s, the cast of That's 70s Show will be easily recognizable if your group does it right. You might need to leave some of the smokeable props at home, but this one is bound to give you great photo ops and some big laughs. 

ScoobyDoo Cast

If you have a group of 5, then there's no better costume than the cast of ScoobyDoo! Whoever you connect with whether you're more of a Fred or Shaggy, will be an easy costume to make, or buy. Check out the following costumes from Amazon. 

Stranger Things Cast

Since the 3rd season of this epic show starring an all child cast was released earlier this year, the Stranger Things cast is going to be running from Halloween party to Halloween party this year!

Fairly OddParents

We all remember the craziness that happened during the Fairly OddParents show on Nickelodean, so recreate all of the fun this Halloween by dressing. up as Timmy, Cosmo, Wanda or any of your other Fairly OddParents characters!  

Anchorman Cast

If you're looking for a costume that you might already have pieces for in your closet, put on your most outrageous suit and tie to become a member of the Anchorman cast this Hallows Eve. Blue, purple, orange and any other crazy color for a suit works perfectly! Or, you can grab a tshirt from the list below so people know who your crew is this Halloween. 

Rick and Morty

Rick and Morty is a fan favorite for easy and quick Halloween costumes. Rick on requires a gray wig and a lab coat while Morty just needs some jeans and a yellow tee. If you'd like to become one of the other characters, check out the options we've listed below! 

Bobs Burgers

If you connect with the Belcher Family on a spiritual level like myself, they make for an amazing group costume. I dressed up as Linda Belcher a few years past and it was quite the hit! With just mom jeans and a red top, you can become a Belcher. For the kids, you'll need to copy their uniforms and get a few cute accessories. Check out some options below. 

Jersey Shore 

Snooki's poof, skin tight leather dresses and blingy t-shirts were the staples of Jersey Shore. Be sure you fist pump and put on an Italian New Jersey/New York accent and you'll be easily recognizable this Halloween. 


With the release of Incredible 2, this is a super fun costume that people of all ages will recognize. Put on a red suit with a black mask and you've already become an Incredible! 

Mario Characters

Ahh, the classics! If you've got a large group of 10 or more, this is an amazing group costume that will need some organization. Get all of your friends together so none of you double up on a character and if you do it right, this is bound to win best group costume. 

The Flinstone's

The Flinstone's will never go out of style! Whether it's a group of friends or your family looking to coordinate costumes, this is a great one for every group. If you have kids, BammBamm is a really cute costume to dress your kiddo in if you're looking to stick to a family theme. 

The Avengers

Another Avengers movie was released this year, so many groups might try to accomplish this group costume but if you're going to do it, do it right and choose from the costumes we've listed below! 

Power Rangers

With a group of 5, there's no better costume than the PowerRangers! Not only will you be easily recognizable, but you can likely buy your costumes together and become the ultimate group of PowerRangers this Hallows Eve. 

Powder Puff Girls

You and your two best friends want to do a group costume together this Halloween? Well, become one of your favorite cartoons for the late 90s and early 2000s, the Powder Puff Girls! 


No matter what size group you have this year, Minions are an easy costume for you all to wear. Check out these cute minion accessories you can buy for the whole group! 

Austin Powers Cast

If you've got one really funny friend that could pull off a Goldmember outfit, that's an ideal group costume. You could even dress up as Dr. Evil, Mini Me, Fook Me or Fook you! All of them are bound to get laughs! 


Have a group larger than you originally planned this Hallows Eve? Well, no matter how many friends you've got that want to be involved in the group costume there's an emoji you can be. 

The Golden Girls

You may have never thought of this one on your own BUT, our friends over at Target are going to get you the laughs this Halloween. You can dress as Betty White or one of the other golden girls and enjoy a slice of cheesecake around the round table as you giggle and gossip with your old friends. 

If you're looking for fun parties we've got you covered for that as well! Just check out your local MyArea Network site for our Ultimate Halloween Guide for your area! 

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