Discouraged by the pandemic this Halloween? That’s no excuse to not find a costume and enjoy yourself. There are still plenty of fun activities you can do in small groups to celebrate the holiday! Here are some costume ideas to make the pandemic holiday a little more fun:

  • Carole Baskin or Joe Exotic from the super popular Tiger King, one of the most popular shows during quarantine
  • Nurse Ratched from the new thrilling Netflix series Ratched
  • Hamilton from the popular Broadway musical, Hamilton, that has reemerged in popularity as Disney Plus made the musical more accessible this year by putting it out on their streaming service
  • Baby Yoda, which has also been made popular by Disney Plus with its original series The Mandalorian
  • Similarly, The Mandalorian from The Mandalorian which has expanded the Star Wars universe and reignited many viewers’ love of the franchise
  • A Grey’s Anatomy doctor as the show plans to premiere its 17th season this year
  • Harley Quinn from the self-titled DC movie, Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey which has reignited the villain’s popularity
  • Michael Jordan who has received notable attention this past year with the release of Netflix’s docu-series The Last Dance based on the Chicago Bull’s 1900s legacy
  • Lebron James who has once again shown he is one of the most talented NBA of all time as he enters his 10th NBA Finals with a good chance of winning his fourth NBA Championship title
  • Lil Nas X the “Old Town Road” singer who has brought a unique take on the traditional cowboy look
  • A “Zoom university” student, basically meaning wearing a nice shirt with pajama pants, as that has become the reality of many university students as well as anyone else who may be working from home
  • Of course, Donald Trump or Joe Biden. No presidential election year would ever be complete without a few costumes resembling the presidential candidates

Whatever you decide to do during this strange Halloween, make sure you are safe but don’t forget to have fun! Hang out with a few friends and make sure to find the perfect costume.

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