When shopping for cold cuts or raw meats, many just opt for the convenience of the deli at their grocery store.  But, you're missing out big time if you've never checked out a standalone market and deli like Land and Sea Market.  For 15 years, this Tampa store has served up tons of gourmet meats, prepared foods, and more to food lovers throughout the Tampa Bay area.

This local market has five locations in and around Tampa in areas including Carrollwood, Tampa Palms, Brandon, Valrico, and South Tampa, so there's always a location just minutes away.

When it comes to the food, Land and Sea offers a huge assortment of everything from fresh meats like beef, chicken, and pork, to Boar's Head lunch meats, to seafood ranging from salmon filets to tuna, scallops, king crab, and much more.

Looking for steak?  Land and Sea offers every cut imaginable.  Whether you're looking for a New York Strip, Porterhouse, Delmonico, Filet Mignon, or Flank Steak, Land and Sea has you covered.  They'll also season any steak or other meat you'd like with their signature Greek seasoning.

Aside from steaks, you can choose from a diverse assortment of ground meats, homemade Italian sausage, ribs, pork chops, roasts, and more, all of which are often included in a variety of weekly specials that Land and Sea offers.  Head to LandandSeaMarket.com for a glimpse of all these specials, additional information on Land and Sea, and more.