Calling all fashionistas! Fall is an important season to keep an eye on because the fashion trends change drastically from summer to fall each year. If you’re someone who loves to keep up with all the seasonal trends, we commend you and want to help you stay stylish this fall! 

Here’s our curated list of upcoming fall fashion trends in 2019. 

Fall Colors

Each fall, the trendy color scheme changes drastically from bright and in your face colors to rich and warm colors that remind you of cooler weather. This fall the color scheme is a little different, with Millennial Purple, Lavender, Pistachio and Metallic Gold and Silver taking center stage. Remember: monochromatic looks are super trendy, no matter what time of the year. Check out the following looks below to see how you can wear these gorgeous colors this fall. 

Purple and Lavender


Metallic Gold & Silver 

New Denim Styles 

Fall is the season where denim is shot into the spotlight. A nice pair of jeans will never go out of style, they’re comfortable and fashionable. Check out the newest styles for denim that are making an impact this fall. If the boyfriend jeans or mom jeans are your ideal style, these new styles are going to put a smile on your face. Check out where you can purchase these below! 

Baggy Jeans

Side Splitter Flares

Straight Jeans instead of Skinny 

Trouser Jeans 

Cape Coats

Last year, any brand that made a cape coat was a little bit before the trend. But after getting inspired by this “out there” trend in 2018, the brands that push trends into the spotlight have brought cape coats back. If you live in the Northeast, it’s a nice way to stay warm and comfortable. In Florida, it might not be as frequently worn, but it looks like you’re walking around in a fashionable snuggie so we are here for this trend! 

Satin Dresses for a Night Out 

If you have a GNO coming up on your calendar, then you better dress to impress! Show off your knowledge of Fall Fashion Trends by putting on a satin dress for a night out. They’re both comfortable and cute, so you really can’t go wrong. After seeing that satin is back this fall, I’m going to run out and grab one for my next night out with the girls. 

Itty Bitty Bags

As someone who loves itty bitty containers in general (I know it’s weird but I have no shame!) I am obsessed with this trend. If you’ve got a lot to carry an itty bitty bag might not be practical, but they’re just so cute. Itty Bitty Bags are a great way to add a pop of color to any outfit. Check out these adorable and affordable itty bitty bags below! 

Chenille Sweaters

Have you ever felt Chenille? Well, it’s that heavenly material that feels like your favorite blanket. Chenille was in style last fall and thankfully, it's back! Check out these cute styles from cropped sweaters to big fluffy sweaters that are all made of chenille for a fashionable fall. 

Plaid is Back! 

This fall, no matter what plaid print you’re wearing, you’re a fashionista. Being preppy and looking like you attend a private school is back in fashion so check out the following ways you can make plaid look chic this fall. 

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