Starting from a young age, making art has been a big part of Emma Sims' life. Emma has now turned her dream of being a full-time artist into a reality, just like her paintings. After teaching art for the last several years, Emma has decided to focus on painting as a full-time independent artist and will be solely dedicated to creating her beautiful art pieces.

The plan for Emma for the next while is to continue bolstering her online brand FineArtbyEmma. Emma’s wish is to further expand a portfolio of her work in an online presence. Through her continued artistic work, new client connections and future professional opportunities are the current hope and focus.

Emma’s site, FineArtbyEmma, is the place to go for all artwork requests. As a professional artist, Emma creates hand-worked art pieces with the highest standard of design and quality. While pet portraits are her expertise and passion, original paintings and custom requests are all right in Emma’s wheelhouse.

With the utmost precision and accuracy, original art from FineArtbyEmma captures that precious moment for eternity. Whether it’s her original pieces or a custom job, a painting or mug portrait, she will capture the essence of the painting’s subject with pinpoint accuracy. Using her professional skillset, Emma will bring the subject to life through her artistic interpretations.

With the holiday season in full swing, now makes for the perfect time to make a FineArtbyEmma piece the perfect gift. Make your Christmas in Tampa memorable with some fine art! Ready to go and commission paintings of all sorts are available. Be sure to reach out to Emma if you don’t see what you’re looking for.  

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