Owner Shane Butcher invites you to come by his stores in Brandon, Tampa, and Gainesville to browse R U Game?'s wide selection of retro video games and accessories. Butcher has our favorite retro consoles including, Nintendo NES, Super Nintendo, Gameboy, Sega Genesis, Sega Game gear, Atari, and more. R.U. Game? also sells games for every console including new Gen consoles like Sony’s Playstation 4, Microsoft’s Xbox One, and Nintendo’s Wii U.

Photo courtesy of R U Game?

As a premier Tampa video game retailer, R U Game steps up video gaming by offering a large selection of new and used video games, consoles, consoles accessories, movies, and much more while providing fast friendly service to clients. You can buy. sell or my 'mom favorite' TRADE-In your video games, systems, and accessories and receive fair credit in return for your completed games and irrelevant accessories. 

R U Game? offers more trade-in value for used games than any other store! They are not in my backyard,  however, the difference is enough to put us on the road taking a short road-trip for the best deal! Using his trade-in credits my son can choose from a great selection of games across multiple platforms like Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo, etc... R U Game? is the only video game supply store in the area carrying "old school" games and platforms like Atari! R U Game also buys iPhones and Tablets and Toys.  Contact them today to see if they are interested in that old Robby the Robot or Masters of the Universe figurine!

A one-stop-shop Shane also offers a disc and cartridge repair service for the damaged games, DVDs, and audio CDs that we LOVE and miss! They replace dead batteries too making them like new again for NES, SNES, N64, Sega Genesis, Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance batteries. There is no reason for you not to be enjoying your games, music, and movies anymore!

Become a VIP when you purchase a VIP car for $15 and you receive 10% off pre-played video games, DVDs, and accessories for life plus access to exclusive cardholders only special deals and information.

A local small business owner since 2008 R U Game? is fast becoming known as Action Figure Central and is favored for their monthly pay tournaments. Follow the links to their website for details on the next tournament scheduled for October 9th at 2 PM at the Westfield Mall Brandon location. Entry is only $15 and if you win you take home $150 for first place if you can keep from spending it at the store! Second place takes home $100 down to sixth place who earns $15. Bring your own controllers, nothing modded, and compete! It's single elimination with the top 8 moving on to Double elimination. 

Take a trip down memory lane at R.U. Game? ​stop by to see their extensive inventory, go 'old-school' or 'next gen' at the hottest video gaming stores in Tampa Bay,  R U Game? Ready to play? We do not need to be asked twice! Let's-A-Goooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

Photo courtesy of R U Game?