During the summer months, it can be difficult to know what to wear because it is hot, especially here in Florida.  And the rain is so random forecasters often call it wrong!  Then it's so cold when you go inside, I don't know about you, but I sprint through the grocery store in the summer months and consider it my work out for the day.  How do we solve the conundrum of stifling heat, humidity, and rain offset by freezing cold A/C?  How do you make Tampa's summer work for you when it comes to choosing fashion?

The answer is to think as you do when you dress for the cooler months, think about layers. Carry a lightweight sweater with you, an essential black cardigan that can be used for multiple occasions. 

Another option for women is a shrug.  A Shrug is an especially good option for women who don’t want to expose their upper arms.  The third option is a wrap.  With this one, think about neutral colors such as black, gray or navy or bring on a pop of color with a brilliant orange, bold fuchsia or bright blue.

Have something on hand at all times you can toss over your shoulders or wrap up in to stay warm when heading into air-conditioning.

Milly Women's Scribble Print Elisa Mini Dress

For men, look for casual shirts that can be rolled up the arm, it is this simple, roll it up in the heat and back down when inside.  Look for jackets that have either half lining or no lining at all.  These tend to be a bit more unstructured and casual, perfect for the summer months.  It is best to purchase these jackets in neutrals like beige or tan and of course, light gray or blue.  Add two of these to your wardrobe, and they will take through the heat of summer in Tampa for years to come.   For longevity, look for jackets with two buttons as these tend to stay in style longer. 

Kent Wang Seersucker Sportcoat

As for fabrics, look for natural fabrics such as cotton and linen as these to breathe better in the heat.  For cotton, feel the fabric to make sure it is a lightweight weave as heavier ones tend to hold in body heat. 

Seersucker is an excellent cotton blend that breathes, and it can be updated, so you do not look like you walked out of The Preppy Handbook.  Yes, I know that linen wrinkles, but it is fresh and the wrinkles are a sign of the natural fiber.  If it is a lined linen, make sure that the lining breathes as well.  

If you are shopping online, read the reviews to find out what other users have experienced with the fashions you are considering. Look for comments about the item being true to size, durability, and wear. People are great about leaving brief reviews, be sure to read them before making a mistake. You can find all sorts of fashion steals online, pieces that will live in your wardrobe for years.

The temperature is going to stay high for a while, yet we can look cool in Tampa when we optimize our summer fashions. Don't just buy that cute summer dress, remember to grab something to throw over it for those times you find yourself inside. And guys, think lightweight and breathable, choosing cool neutral colors. 

Don't suffer for fashion this summer in Tampa, solve the conundrum of whether to dress warmly for the A/C or cool for outside, think winter in Florida, layer and you will be comfortable every where you go. Stay connected to everything local in Tampa covering Things to do in Tampa, Events, Restaurants in Tampa and more. Subscribe to 813area.com by registering above.  It's FREE!