Have you ever thought of becoming a ninja in your spare time? Do you like challenging yourself with new obstacles, physical and mental? Well, get ready for a free running experience at one of the most unique gyms in Tampa! At Shinobi School, you can learn to hang from a warped wall, climb a salmon ladder, and do so many more obstacles you see on the real American Ninja Warrior.

It all started in owner Shinobi Poli's backyard in 2014 when a group of friends wanted to train for obstacle course races together. It has since moved right around the corner from the University of South Florida and has become one of the biggest obstacle gyms in Tampa.

Shinobi School is the first place in Tampa to offer not only parkour and America Ninja Warrior training, but it's also one of the only schools to offer a diverse selection of movement options when training. Besides parkour and obstacle course training, they also offer aerial lessons, acroyoga, yoga, flexibility, martial arts, and personal training!

The Shinobi School team is made up of a variety of talents with engineers, technicians, dancers, teachers, athletes, and even some students! Many of their teachers, builders, and volunteers are multi-talented and do more than just instruct, build, or assist in the day-to-day operations of Shinobi School. They're constantly expanding their training options by creating new obstacles and adding new equipment so that people have a reason to come back and try to beat the new obstacles. Shinobi School is growing fast, so you might see them expand to South Tampa in the near future!

If you're like me and love pushing yourself to try new things, then this gym is right for you! With so many cool options for young and old alike, make sure to join a class, hit the open gym, or learn from the masters at Shinobi School.

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Cover photo courtesy of Shinobi School