If you love pushing yourself to the limit, defeating challenging obstacles, and setting personal goals then this is the race for you! With over 6,000 in attendance to take a shot at the hardest race in the country, the Savage Race is everything its name stands for. To be savage is to be a force of nature, fierce, and vicious which is exactly what you'll need to conquer this course.

The Savage Race in Florida will have two race options for attendees, the Savage Blitz and the Savage Race. The Blitz will be a shortened version of the Savage Race at 3 miles long with 15-20 obstacles whereas the full course will host over 25 different obstacles over a 5-7 mile path. Both of the races will be held at the Little Everglades Ranch in Dade City, but the Blitz will be showcased a day later on March 17th. The extended Savage Race will be held on March 16th.

Only 81.6% of people who participate in the 6-mile journey finish so you can see exactly why this race is the most challenging around. From best new obstacle, Holy Sheet to grip-strength destroyer, Sawtooth, the Savage Race is sure to test your physical prowess. Sam Abbit, CEO of Savage Race, says "We have the best and biggest obstacles out of all the OCR's (Obstacle Course Races) and we are always creating new obstacles".

The 2018 Mud Run Guide has deemed Savage Race as the Best North American Race Series, Most Innovative, and runner up for Best Director, Bo Burton. After hearing that it's easy to understand why everyone who I spoke to said their favorite part of the race was the customer service. William Scheuer says "I always feel like I matter and I'm not just a faceless name or number that paid for registration. Whether I have a customer service issue, I am out on the course getting encouragement from a volunteer, actually volunteering myself or interacting with the community online, the staff actually seem to care about the quality of the experience I'm having."

If you want more than a regular workout, get ready to get SAVAGE with 15% off your race registration for the Spring and Fall Dade City races. Use the code: 813AREA15 and get ready to create a lifelong memory where you will put your mind and body to the test!

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