The Road to the Kentucky Derby - Kentucky Derby Day 2019

The challenging road to earn a solidified berth in the Kentucky Derby is an annual tradition that takes place across the nation, featuring dozens of the world's best horses competing for their chance to shine in the opening leg of the triple crown. There are a number of qualifying events that take place leading up the first Saturday in May, the day that a full field of horses competes against each other to try and win the famous horse race known as the Kentucky Derby. 

One of those qualifying races takes place at Tampa Bay Downs, a Stakes race known as the Sam F Davis Stakes - Grade III, where the top four horses to finish will earn qualifying points that could lead them to the derby. 

Stakes Races at Tampa Bay Downs

There are several stakes races that will be taking place at Tampa Bay Downs in the coming weeks that pay out qualifying points to the top finishes in each stakes race. One of the first stakes races that does that is the Grade III Sam F Davis Stakes that will be taking place in early February. This race will inherit a lot of attention from horse trainers that desire to make a push for the derby. 

Race fans should also be tempted to visit Tampa Bay Downs on the day of this stakes race because of the remarkable atmosphere that exists on a competitive race day, especially when so much is on the line. There is nothing like attending a race day where some of the nation's best three-year-old horses are present, dueling it out in the final months before the beginning of the triple crown of horse racing. 

The facility is state of the art, competing with state of the art tracks across the nation. The Grade III Sam F Davis Stakes is slated to be a great day for horse racing at the iconic Tampa Bay Downs horse track. 

Don't miss the fun this month at Tampa Bay Downs! 

Whether you have been a horse racing fan for decades, or you are just starting out in the world of horse racing. The experience that will be taking place at Tampa Bay Downs is like no other. The competitive horses fighting for their chance to enter the spotlight at the Kentucky Derby is both an exhilarating experience as well as a stressful one. Horse owners know that this could be their chance to snatch up some of those valuable qualifying points. Why not join the exciting action that will be taking place on February 9th at Tampa Bay Downs?!

Cover photo courtesy of  813area