By: Andrew Silverstein

Yeah, so maybe Tampa's lacking a just a little when it comes to public transportation, especially in comparison to other large metropolises across the country just like it, but that doesn't mean there are absolutely no options when it comes to getting around town on the cheap while leaving the car in the garage.  Here's what we've got...

TECO Line Streetcar System - Streetcars have a rich history in Downtown Tampa and surrounding areas like Hyde Park and Ybor City.  First operated in 1982, these streetcars would take cigar factory workers and other professionals to and from work with stops throughout Tampa.

Today, they're a bit revamped and electrically powered.  Even so, they still careen through all the same spots the original streetcars did back in the day.  The 3 mile route of the TECO Streetcar runs from Ybor City, down south through Channelside, then back up to the southern region of Downtown Tampa.

These are perfect for daily commutes through these neighborhoods, and a great, safe option for nightlife transportation on the weekends.  Best of all, it's quick, and cheap.  You'll never wait more than 20 minutes for a streetcar at your stop and a one-way far only costs $2.50.  Or, choose to ride all day and it's only $5.

HART In-Town Trolley - Even if you're broke, like super-broke, Downtown Tampa's got you covered with the HART In-Town Trolley.  Connecting with the previously mentioned TECO Line Street Car, the HART In-Town Trolley traverses a hefty chunk of Downtown Tampa and, get this, costs a QUARTER, 25 measly cents, to ride one way.  Catch rides from as far north as the Straz Center all the way down to the Tampa Convention Center and parts of Harbour Island.

Green Fleet Courtesy Cabs - Free green transportation was a hot-button issue in Downtown Tampa when it premiered a few months ago.  Cabbies got mad at these new golf-cart boasting companies for completely undercutting the taxi industry with their free, tip-if-you-want rides.

They were outlawed eventually and now Yellow Cab offers courtesy rides in their Green Fleet line of hybrid vehicles throughout Downtown Tampa, Channelside, Ybor City, and SoHo.