By: Sally Baker

Getting around Tampa can be a challenge of epic proportions.  Whether someone is simply visiting and the area is unfamiliar, or a local whose personal means of transportation is minimal to non-existent, Tampa has countless solutions.  From local trolleys in Tampa to giant international airports, the ways to get a commuter from Point A to Point B has been more than simplified.

The Tampa International Airport, or TPA, brings an overwhelming amount of new visitors to the Tampa Bay area.  From the amenities on the inside of the airport, to the convenient location of the field, the TPA is just the beginning to how people get around Tampa.

The Tampa Port Authority is home to a vast number of businesses and travelers taking cruises out of the port near Channelside.  No longer do Tampa locals have to fly or drive hours on end to get to their port, the TPA has solved all these problems alleviating additional travel stress.

The TECO Line Street Car is another perfect example that helps with getting around Tampa.  This service takes locals and visitors from Ybor City through Channelside to Downtown Tampa.

HART, Hillsborough Area Regional Transit Authority, has solved many problems of commuting by providing high quality and accessible buses with a plethora of routes that span throughout Tampa.  Now locals need not worry about how they will get to work or simply getting around Tampa in general.

Whether someone needs international, national or local travel, Tampa is a favored community that provides all these aspects in the same area.  Take the plane, bus or trolley and enjoy all of Tampa with none of the commuting worries.