By: Sally Baker

Getting around Tampa can be challenging to say the least. With a growing downtown and bustling neighborhoods, Tampa locals are in more need than ever to find affordable transportation to their favorite nightlife, restaurants, shops and events. HART, Hillsborough Area Regional Transit Authority, does just that by providing local and express buses, vans and trolley services.

HART makes getting around Tampa much easier with the vast amount of routes and transportation vehicles they have. The route buses are equipped with bike racks and have easy wheelchair accessibility. The HartPlus system offers rides for those individuals who would not normally be able to ride a bus due to physical, cognitive or developmental disabilities. This system also gives rides to those who only need to ¾ of a mile from their bus stop.

Other services HART offers to make getting around Tampa easier, is the TECO Line Streetcar System. This nearly 3 mile electric streetcar line services the community 7 days a week. A training program was put in place to help those in need of transportation services to learn more about HART, their routes and the best ways to utilize their services.

A strong transportation group that continuously grows by listening to commuters on how to better improve their system; this is Tampa’s HART.