Due to peers having higher-priced parking, Tampa International Airport will be asking a couple extra bucks for parking this year.

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Last Thursday, the Hillsborough County Aviation Association approved an increase in short-term, economy, long-term, and valet parking for 24 hours by $2. 

Economy parking will increase from $10 to $12, long-term parking will increase from $18 to $20, short-term parking will increase from $22 to $24, and valet will increase from $30 to $32 at maximum price for 24 hours.

Good news: Tampa International Airport's short-term parking rate will remain one of the lowest among their peers, and economy, long-term, and valet parking will meet median prices.

Tampa International Airport's parking prices are still competitive, but their parking structure is nonetheless at a higher standard, according to a study by parking revenue consultant innovAt.

The airport retained innovAt in 2016 to recommend parking-related technologies and opportunities such as launching an online reservation system, which Tampa International Airport has agreed to research. 

The slight increase in parking prices seems to be not only reasonable but warranted given that the HCAA has invested $53 million into parking infrastructure since the last parking increase in 2015. 

The increase also reflects the new level of ease and convenience Tampa International Airport offers its travelers with developments such as SkyConnect, a new people-mover opened in 2018 connecting the Economy Garage with the Main Terminal and Car Rental Center.

Previously, only travelers who chose short-term, long-term, and valet parking could enjoy a short walk to the terminal as these garages are on top of the Main Terminal. Since the addition of SkyConnect, travelers in economy parking can now enjoy this same luxury, and activity at the economy parking garage has increased.  

With its convenient parking and SkyConnect- plus its shops, restaurants, and amenities- it’s no wonder that Tampa International Airport is loved by so many travelers.

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