With more than 46 million passengers traveling during the holiday season, some of the biggest airports across the US have been experiencing trouble with rideshare services creating traffic at the designated pick-up locations. 

Boston, San Francisco and Los Angeles airports have all decided to change their ridesharing policies in an attempt to divert the traffic away from the terminals. Instead, they are providing specific lots or parking garages away from the normal pick-up area. 

While more and more airports enforce these restrictions, Parkway Parking is here to help you with a hassle-free alternative! 

Parkway Parking offers the convenience of reserved parking at affordable pricing and you can select a lot that provides complimentary shuttle service to and from the airport terminal. While some off-site lots don’t provide shuttle service, you’ll still find some rates that are better than parking at the airport. 

Here are some suggestions about departures and arrivals when there is not a shuttle service available: 


Taxi, Uber and Lyft drivers can quickly pick you up and bring you to your gate.


Taxi lines should not be long and they are right outside of the terminal. If you wish to take an Uber or Lyft, make sure you request your ride when you touch down and be attentive to the designated pickup location.

Click here for a listing of airports and services, which include SFO and LAX. New locations are added daily.

Simply reserve your spot online or call a parking expert at (888) 399-9267, and one will gladly make your low-rate reservation. You will be provided with the address, driving directions, and phone number of the actual lot. 

Happy Traveling! 

Cover photo from Unsplash