More and more people are coming to Tampa this time of year, but if you live here there's also plenty of opportunities to get away! There are still plenty of bargains to be had, especially from the West Coast of Florida and Tampa International Airport to the West Coast of the USA. Check out some of the great travel deals from Tampa we found here!

Tampa to Los Angeles for $118 roundtrip on Spirit!

It's on Spirit Airlines, which means you might have to help push the plane to the gate after landing... we're kidding. Maybe. But wow what a bargain! There's plenty of other dates available for under $150 roundtrip too, but don't forget Spirit has lots of extra fees if you're not careful. Plan to pack light. 

14-day cruise from Tampa to Barcelona for $645!

This is an absolute steal on the Royal Caribbean Rhapsody of The Seas. With stops in Key West, Tenerife, La Palma, and Malaga, you'll cross the Atlantic Ocean with incredible style before arriving in one of the great cities of the world and the captial of Catalonia, Barcelona. This is a limited-run trip, but if the dates work for you there isn't a better deal available. 

Tampa to Seattle for $134 roundtrip on American Airlines

Not too much availability here, basically just March 6th-7th to the 13th, but if you need to add some AAdvantage miles this would be the way to do it. Oh, and spend a week in a beautiful city as well!

Tampa to Chicago for $78 roundtrip on Spirit!

Another fantastic deal but be sure to remember the extra fees associated with Spirit Air, the 4 a.m. Taco Bell of the skies. You can fly as soon as three weeks from today on this deal, and there's some dates that will work once baseball season is here. A great way to check out the Cubs or White Sox around Opening Day.

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Photo by Andrea Vincenzo Abbondanza on Unsplash