It was a monumental occasion when the Tampa International Airport announced that it would begin offering flights to Cuba for the first time in 50 years back in September of 2011, but now the airport will scale its number of flights to Cuba back due to market adjustments.

After being prohibited by the federal government for over 50 years, flights to Cuba, although heavily regulated, proliferated at the Tampa International Airport over these past two years.

5,804 passengers traveled to Cuba from TIA in October and November of 2012 compared to 3,764 passengers during October and November of 2011, so the demand definitely hasn't diminished, according to the Tampa Bay Business Journal.

Xael Charters, one of the airports leading Cuban airlines, will now relocate their weekly America to Cuba flights from Tampa International to the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport beginning February 14.

ABC Charters, another Cuban flight provider in Tampa, will discontinue its weekly flights to Holguin, but continue its weekly flights to Cuba's capital, Havana.

Tampa International Airport officials claim it is normal to see flight adjustments like these as the market continues to evolve.

We'll keep you posted as more news arises regarding the Tampa International Airport and its regular flights to Cuba.