Spring Break; a magical time of year where thousands of college students flock like birds down to the south to party for an always short lived week in the middle of their spring semester.  There's no doubt that Spring Break in Florida is one of the more massively popular spring break destinations.  With miles of white sandy beaches, fantastic warm weather, and seemingly, a million things to do, it's hard to deny that a Florida Spring Break will be an amazing time.  Here are five locations that will do you solid if you're looking for a great Spring Break in Florida.

Daytona Beach - If you're looking to do it big this Spring Break, Daytona is arguably the top Spring Break party destination in Florida.  There are tons of great, affordable Spring Break hotels on Daytona Beach and you can be sure you'll be partying alongside more of your college age companions you can ever think of.  It's on the East coast so the waves are big, the weather is beautiful, and you can bet that all the huge Daytona Beach restaurants, clubs and bars will be popping of all day and night.

Panama City Beach - PCB is another top college party destination for Spring Break and is known as the Spring Break capital of the world.  You can expect nonstop parties at bars and clubs lining the beach, beautiful crowds, an awesome beach experience, and much more.  Since it's a top destination, there are tons of great hotel deals for college students.  Book now so you don't miss out!

Miami Beach - When many think of Florida they think of Miami Beach.  This beautiful destination is filled with elegant shopping, dazzling nightlife, beautiful South Beach, and a great Spring Break environment.  Miami boasts a huge variety of culture in the form of restaurants, museums, sightseeing, and more for a great Spring Break in Florida.

St. Pete Beach - St. Pete Beach is another beautiful beach city loaded with culture, attractions, and great times.  Venture South and enjoy this lazy beach city boasting great beach activities like jet ski and parasail rentals, both upscale and neighborhood bars, delicious dining, and more.

Orlando - If the beach isn't your thing or you just want to experience the magic of all the theme parks in Orlando, this city is a prime destination for Spring Break in Florida.  Choose from a dizzying variety of attractions including Magic Kingdom, Universal Studios (featuring the new Wizarding World of Harry Potter!), and all the great restaurants and nightlife of CityWalk and Downtown Disney.