Especially during COVID-19, you'll want to make your airplane travel as stressfree as possible. Our ultimate list of airport hacks will save you time and money

Booking Your Flight

Spend less on airline tickets by redeeming your credit card rewards and utilizing your membership benefits.

Save money by planning to buy airline tickets at the best time, which is six to eight weeks in advance; the cheapest days to fly are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday.

To find cheaper flights online, turn on your private browsing option- this way, air travel websites can’t see that you’ve looked up flights before and raise prices to make you feel like you have to buy now before prices go even higher.

Another way to find cheaper flights online is to look into booking separate flights as it can sometimes be cheaper to shop for one-way tickets using multiple carriers versus round-trip flights with the same company.

Choosing Your Seats

For a more comfortable flight, reserve the aisle and window seats as the majority of people will bypass the middle seat, giving you and your travel buddy more room.

Another way to ensure a comfortable flight is by scoping out your seats in advance with apps like Seat Guru that provide reviews of seats, then opt for the best seats if your flight allows you to choose them during online check-in.

Minimize turbulence by sitting towards the front of the plane since it’s the plane’s tail that bobs up and down. 


Forget about juggling luggage at the airport by taking advantage of services like LugLess, who will ship your luggage to your final destination. 

If you opt to bring your baggage with you, there are still ways you can make this cumbersome task easier on yourself. 

Ensure that your baggage is handled with care by marking it as fragile. Marking your baggage as fragile also means that it’ll get put at the top of the pile, so you’ll get your luggage back first!

Make your baggage easier to spot by tying a brightly-colored ribbon to one of the handles.

Keep your baggage from accidentally opening by using paper clips to lock zippers together.

Other Prep

Avoid jet lag by exercising before your trip. 

You can also fight jet lag by bringing your own meals and snacks on the plane because the food they serve is highly processed and full of sodium, which will make you feel bloated.

Save some time by pre-ordering your airport meal so you can just grab it and go.

Save a little more time and make note of the airport's Wi-Fi password before you show up.

Don’t strain your neck or eyes trying to read the departures and arrival board by downloading your own through FlightBoard.

To avoid scrambling for a pen later, make sure that you are carrying a pen so you can promptly fill out any forms.

Don’t waste money on buying water at the airport by bringing your own empty water bottle and refilling after you’ve passed through security.


Avoid feeling stressed driving around the airport parking lot by making your parking reservation through Parkway Parking. Call (888)399-9267, and a parking specialist will help you make a parking reservation. You can also self-book by booking Parkway Parking online.

Don’t wander around the airport parking lot when you come back from your trip by taking a photo of where you parked your car before you go into the airport or sending yourself an email with lot details. 

At the Airport

Skip the long lines and don't go for the first restroom or restaurant that you see- there's likely less-crowded places just a short walk away.

Save yourself some time going through security by packing as many valuables as you can in your backpack or suitcase. 

Save yourself additional time at security checks by avoiding a line that has people who don’t look like frequent travelers, such as families with children. 

Make most of your layover flight by charging your phone or any other devices at one of the charging stations.

On the Plane

Get free perks and upgrades by giving up your seat if your flight has been overbooked.

Minimize leg swelling and increase circulation by wearing compression socks on your flight.

Stave off boredom and make the most of your flight by splurging on internet service if your flight is more than six and a half hours long.

Avoid pricey data charges by checking your phone’s data allowance for your destination, or turn off data roaming before you land. Make sure your phone is unlocked and buy a local SIM card so you can use cheaper data.

Skip the long restroom lines in the airport by going to the bathroom 20 minutes before you land. 

To find the best restaurants and shortest exits, ask the flight crew at the airport- they’ll know!

We hope these airport travel hacks will help you have an easier and more enjoyable trip!

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