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Jason Reviews on Q-ZAR Tampa Laser Tag 2 months ago
Q-ZAR Tampa Laser Tag
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The staff said I could be on their property; however, BLT had one of their bouncers assalt me. I recorded the BLT's bouncer violant treats with my cell phones for protection and Legend smashed my phones as a resault. BLT should of been more professonal. Now, I am filing lawsuits to fight for civil damages.

Pros: BLT fools the owners of Q Zar they are a "drug free" organazation. Sadly, BLT uses this establishment to practice illict actiavity while the police does nothing about violence on the property.

Cons: BLT is a criminal organisation and the owners should not rentout their establishment to them twice a year.

Jason Reviews on Pegasus Lounge 3 months ago
Pegasus Lounge
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Truk does Fusion and sometimes other EDM events on the weekends at Pegasus Lounge. He has been bullying me through his friends for many years now, and I have video evidence to prove it. See for yourselves.      https://youtu.be/MNN5k00NAas Truk also sneaks around at the venues he supplies his sound services and spreads hate and gossip in the EDM scene. I have been collecting evidence against his shady organization for many years now. Since Truk will not let this feud go, I will start showing video, audio, images and much more of his abuse.

Pros: Don't support my bullies

Cons: The scene supposed to be about this nonsense.

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