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Jabo Reviews on Chillum Glass Gallery and CBD Dispensary 3 years ago

Chillum Glass Gallery and CBD Dispensary

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Went in this joke of a establishment to look at high end glass,I've got multiple pieces worth ove 800-1500 ,long story short the rude ass black guy working there once I asked about the price of a piece he said 1200 with a smirk like I can't afford it and I make more money in a week than you do in a month theY snickered at me cause by looking at me they assumed I couldn't afford it well I got way more paper than you will ever acquire and you are a straight up judgmental DICKHEAD 1200 ain't shit to me but to you it probably is never judge a book by its cover do not go here they judge you by your looks and I got more paper than that black asshole has ego and that's a lot so in closing FUCK YOU AND YOUR JUDGING ME LIKE IM BROKE IGNORE PEOPLE THAN SNICKER CAUSE YOU THINK I CANT AFFORD IT YOU SIR ARE A DOUCHE OF THE HIGHEST CALIBER FAIR WARNING DONT GO HERE UNLESS YOU WANNA BE JUDGED AND WATCH HIM IGNORE YOU AS HE SMOKES CBD TERRIBLE TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE AND AGAIN BITCH I GOT WAY MORE PAPER THAN YOU WILL EVER HAVE SO ENJOY THE CBD YOU JUDGEMENTAL PRICK AND BY THE WAY KARMAS A BITCH REMEMBER THAT PRICK And FYI stop being a bitch and smoke wax and bud CBD is nothing thx is where it a

Pros: Not a god dam thing avoid at all costs

Cons: Rude judgmental asshole who lost a 1200 dollar sale by judging a book by its cover and customer service is utter shit he judged me that I couldn’t afford that piece he was wrong and that piece will sit there fora eternity AND KARMAS A BITCH YOU WANNA BE WHITE GUY I BELIEVE YOU FORGOT WHAT RACE YOU ARE AGAIN GO FUCK YOUR FAT ASS DISGUSTING PIG FOR A MOTHER BITCH ASS HONKIE

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