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Bri Reviews on Club Prana 1 year ago

Club Prana

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DON’T COME HERE!!! I went out last night 09-18 to Club Prana to celebrate my friend's birthday and witnessed the most horrific incident ever! A black guy with dreadlocks was with his mixed girlfriend & the owner of the club bumped into the black guy and became highly upset after spilling his drink on the black guy. Instead of coming down from his high horse and admitting he was in the wrong, the owner signaled for the security guards to remove him from the club. Now mind you, the black guy did absolutely nothing wrong, it was the owner's fault!!! Not only did I witness 4 security guards rough up the black guy as they headed to the elevator, but more security pushed the mixed girl down a flight of stairs!!! They used their flashlights to follow them so there is no way they didn't know she was a woman. The black guy was very respectful, calm, and agreed to leave. Before the black guy went into the elevator, he was in perfect health & had no markings or scars on his body. When then elevator finally opened after being paused for a very long time, I saw the 4 body guards & the black guy come out out or breath. The black guy face was bloody & he appeared to be in a lot of pain & out o

Pros: No pros at all. From the drinks to the guards, the entire club is a rip off!

Cons: You will leave bruised, yelled at like a child, & kicked out for absolutely no reason.

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