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Gui Reviews on Dry Wizard of Florida 3 months ago

Dry Wizard of Florida

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I urgently recommend anyone considering Dry Wizard to think twice. Our experience has been terrible, extremely costly, and is ending in a lawsuit! We hired DryWizard in the summer of 2023 right after we got flooded from hurricane Idalia. We were promised to be back into our house 3 months after that. 3+ months later, the job wasn't even halfway done. No end was in sight. Workers would come intermittently if at all. Promises were made and then broken. Once we understood that our family just would not move back into our home for the next few months, we had to fire Dry Wizard and rely on a different, much more professional construction company who finally finished our home. Under Dry Wizard's watch, we got some furniture destroyed, 2 electric glass mirrors broken, countless jobs had to be redone at great cost (baseboards, painting, drywall), the site was always left like a bomb went off, the AC pipe was reinstalled the wrong way and we had to have a service call to fix. We were charged for items that had never been done. We were grossly overcharged ($8,800 for terrazzo refinishing when it cost us $2,500 to refinish by the exact same subcontractor they were going to hire).

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