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Collin attending 2018 Tampa Bay's Tailgate Taste Fest 1 day ago

Event Development Institute is proud to announce the 5th Annual 2018 Tampa Bay's Tailgate Taste Fest presented by Coca-Cola Beverages Florida!

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Collin Reviews on World of Beer SoHo 1 week ago
World of Beer SoHo
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A ton of beer served by knowledgeable people, and being outdoors on perfect Florida days is terrific.

Pros: Great beer, great happy hour, fun location.

Cons: When it rains or it's Florida Hot, no bueno (though it is covered).

Collin Reviews on Terra Gaucha Brazilian Steakhouse Tampa 1 week ago
Terra Gaucha Brazilian Steakhouse Tampa
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The best Brazilian steakhouse I've ever tried, and I've been to a ton. Incredible meats, a salad bar with delights such as fresh mozzarella & charcuterie, and impeccable service. Absolutely worth every penny for an unforgettable meal.

Pros: The meats. Just get every version of beef and lamb they have. They are just divine.

Cons: That it's too close to my house, and I'm going to go there too much and get very fat. I love Bern's, but as an experience this is right up there.

Collin Reviews on Chihuly Collection 2 weeks ago
Chihuly Collection
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Beautiful glass from a brilliant artist. Absolutely worth seeing when in St. Pete

Pros: Just a lovely place to take someone and appreciate the hand-blown glass.

Cons: Parking can be a pain.

Collin 3 weeks ago
Start making your Mother's Day buffet/restaurant reservations now!!
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Collin Reviews on BRIO Tuscan Grille 3 weeks ago
BRIO Tuscan Grille
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Really good Italian food in a nice atmosphere. You know what you're getting, and it's a nice quiet change from the rest of Bay Street.

Pros: Quiet, quality food.

Cons: Might be a bit pricey at times.

Collin Reviews on City Market Eats 3 weeks ago
City Market Eats
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This is exactly what Downtown Tampa needed: a quick-stop with lots of grab-and-go food for both the office and the home. They also serve very large and very delicious hot dogs with a full buffet-style bar for the toppings. This is a very, very good idea.

Pros: Easy, convenient, and Tampa as can be. All the food is local, and the "813" shirts and hats they sell as merch are awesome.

Cons: Only two soup options: chili and chowder. I'm sure that'll change soon, but the more the merrier for those of us that work downtown!

Collin Reviews on Magic Kingdom 3 weeks ago
Magic Kingdom
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It's the Happiest Place on Earth... if you're under 10. Otherwise it's a nightmare hellhole devoid of alcohol to hide the pain.

Pros: Everyone should go once in their life to experience it. Kids make memories they'll never forget. My Mom took me a lot as a child, and I'm very glad she did.

Cons: It's way too damn expensive, the lines can be ridiculous, and did I mention the no booze thing? The only way anyone over 21 can get through It's A Small World without some kind of mental break is with a flask or some other substance. And that song MY GOD THAT DAMN SONG GET OUT OF MY HEAD!!

Collin Reviews on Kahwa Coffee | South Tampa 4 weeks ago
Kahwa Coffee | South Tampa
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Really, really good coffee in a location that's quiet so you can work undisturbed throughout the day.

Pros: Delicious coffee, warm, inviting location, great food.

Cons: I wish the menu had a few more options. What they have is great, but I wish there was more to choose from.

Collin Reviews on The Hyppo St. Petersburg 1 month ago
The Hyppo St. Petersburg
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Delicious popsicles in all kinds of flavors! Def worth it for a quick treat or as a dessert stop on Central Ave.

Pros: Awesome popsicles in great flavors!

Cons: Sometimes it's cold out. Not often, but when it is these are less appealing. Basically I have nothing bad to say.

Collin Reviews on Tampa Bay Rays 1 month ago
Tampa Bay Rays
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A wonderful place to watch the other team play baseball in 2018! Guh, this team couldn't find a pitcher in a T-ball league right now, but if they lay enough groundwork for when they move to Tampa to be competitive that works for me.

Pros: Great organization that's a wonderful community partner, trying to make the best of a terrible situation

Cons: The stadium is the worst in MLB by a country mile, though to be fair they've done everything they can to put lipstick on the pig. And the new food options in 2018 are delicious.

Collin attending 2nd Annual Tampa Derby Gallop - Lunch, Games, Watch Party 1 month ago

Tampa’s most exciting Derby Event is back! Gallop with us to party at 3 Tampa hotspots as we celebrate “The Greatest Two Minutes in Sports”. Get dressed to the nines! Seersuckers, Bow Ties, Colorful Casual, Big Hats and Summer Dresses.

From May 5, 2018 | 1:00 PM | Saturday To Dec 31, 1969 | 7:00 PM | Wednesday

Attending interested
Cant wait for another fun Derby Gallop! Lets do this. :)
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Collin Reviews on Disney's | Epcot 1 month ago
Disney's | Epcot
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I'm here for one reason only: to tell you that if you're Drinking Around The World, you need to start in Canada. Yes, that's right... do it backwards!! "But Collin, that means I start with beer, and beer before liquor..." and that is a true statement. But if you hydrate appropriately it won't be an issue. You have much bigger challenges later in the day. Like the Two Tipsy Ducks In Love in China... all that sugar late in the day is a killer. Also: go in the back gate between France & Great Britain so as to avoid the lines. Also you can even say you're eating at a restaurant on the Boardwalk, park there and save $22.

Pros: Easy access to alcohol everywhere, and the added games like "drink every time you see a flag of another country, chug for a Brazilian Quinceanera tour group" add layers of fun to the day.

Cons: Bring your credit card. Perhaps two. Or maybe even a home equity line of credit. This ain't cheap, and that's after you drop over a C-note to get in the place.

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