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Collin Reviews on Bay Cannon Beer Company 4 years ago

Bay Cannon Beer Company

5 Rating  

Welcome a great brewery to West Tampa!

Pros: Terrific IPA, chill atmosphere, and a place to get food right inside.

Cons: No place to park my bike

Collin Reviews on Sbarro 5 years ago


1 Rating  

Why in God's name would anyone in New York eat pizza here? Was this franchise supposed to be ironic? Is this a pop art instillation that has just remained to cater to people from Iowa?

Pros: It's better than urban blight.

Cons: Literally you are eating franchised pizza in New York City. I cannot save you.

Collin Reviews on Empire State Building 5 years ago

Empire State Building

4 Rating  

It's tall. Very tall. Don't throw things off the roof you'll kill people.

Pros: Great view. Only cold six months a year.

Cons: Why should I have to pay to be afraid of heights? Also it's windy up there and you actually can get hit in the face by corn from the middle of the country. I wish I were kidding.

Collin Reviews on Hash House A Go Go 5 years ago

Hash House A Go Go

5 Rating  

Diner food on steroids. Love this place from San Diego to Mohegan Sun in CT. But the Orlando one has plenty of space to spread out and still close enough to what's happening.

Pros: The chicken and waffles will change your life, as will the tractor tire pancake.

Cons: If you eat here every day, your loved ones will miss you.

Collin Reviews on Hyatt Union Square New York 5 years ago

Hyatt Union Square New York

5 Rating  

My favorite place to stay in Manhattan. Easy to get to everything and a terrific staff.

Pros: Location location location, and friendly staff.

Cons: It's Manhattan: don't bring a car.

Collin Reviews on Madison Square Garden 5 years ago

Madison Square Garden

4 Rating  

The World's Most Famous Arena... but even with the update, it's still a bit crowded.

Pros: Easy to get to with Penn Station right there.

Cons: Expensive because midtown Manhattan. Also too much James Dolan.

Collin Reviews on New York Jets 5 years ago

New York Jets

1 Rating  

SELL THE TEAM WOODY. And stop donating money to awful people.

Pros: Sam Darnold might actually be good.

Cons: We'll never know because the front office will never figure it out.

Collin Reviews on New York Knicks 5 years ago

New York Knicks

1 Rating  


Pros: MSG is terrific.

Cons: Literally everything else surrounding the blatant incompetence of this franchise. SELL THE TEAM.

Collin Reviews on Tampa International Airport 5 years ago

Tampa International Airport

5 Rating  

The best airport in America. I don't care if the ratings say it's #2 SCREW YOU PORTLAND BOOOOO

Pros: Convenient, easy to get around, tremendous local food options, baggage gets there fast, lots of coffee.

Cons: It will make you hate every other airport once you land. Yeah, I'm talking to you LaGuardia and Philly. Go kick rocks you frozen totems of inefficiency and poor planning.

Collin Reviews on Pour House 5 years ago

Pour House

5 Rating  

Great beer bar with a ton of selection in a comfortable atmosphere.

Pros: Great location and knowledgeable bartenders!

Cons: Gotta order food from somewhere else, and it can be a pain to park.

Collin Reviews on The Pint and Brew - Downtown Tampa 5 years ago

The Pint and Brew - Downtown Tampa

0 Rating  

Grilled cheese & beer. That's most of the menu. Yes, it's as good as it sounds. Terrific little downtown neighborhood haunt that's comfortable & delicious!

Pros: I mean grilled cheese and beer. What else do you need?

Cons: It's not open 24/7... how good would this be at like 5am??

Collin Reviews on Lake Eola Park 5 years ago

Lake Eola Park

5 Rating  

I don't even live in Orlando anymore, but the lake is a beautiful place. They did one helluva job with a glorified rentention pond. Orange County budget surpulses FTW!

Pros: The swan boats, all the places to eat, and the easy way to count your running mileage when making the loop.

Cons: It can be a pain to park, and our non-housed friends can sometimes make it a bit awkward or dirty. But

Collin Reviews on 3 Daughters Brewing 5 years ago

3 Daughters Brewing

5 Rating  

One of best places in town to grab a beer, meet some folks, play games (shoutout the game with the metal ring and the hook!), and just generally love the fact you're in St. Pete. It's wonderful.

Pros: Crazy fun games, great beer, wonderful people, both indoor and outdoor things to do. It's like Hop Nirvana.

Cons: Unless they're going to deliver a party and quality brews like this to my house... I can't think of anything wrong

Collin Reviews on Doak Campbell Stadium 6 years ago

Doak Campbell Stadium

3 Rating  

(random people chanting while on defense and moving their arms goes here)

Pros: History. Tradition. Willie Taggart's recruiting.

Cons: Aluminum bench seats everywhere. It's a pain to park. Lousy food options. A quarterback that doesn't match the offense involved. Slow linebackers that can't fly to the ball. Willie T will get it fixed, but they're a disaster for now.

Collin Reviews on Daytona International Speedway 6 years ago

Daytona International Speedway

5 Rating  

The home of legends. Even if you don't love NASCAR (I'm not a huge fan), everyone should come check out this hallowed ground.

Pros: It's really cool to see the evolution of auto racing from the beaches of Daytona to the asphalt of today.

Cons: I mean they only race two weeks in the winter and one in the summer, plus some smaller races that don't mean as much.

Collin Reviews on Hotel Bar 6 years ago

Hotel Bar

5 Rating  

A terrific, old-school traditional cocktail bar. Great location and clientele, and some delicious libations too!

Pros: Wonderful drinks, atmosphere, and location.

Cons: Can get a bit pricey and crowded depending on the evening.

Collin Reviews on Fantasia Gardens and Fairways Miniature Golf 6 years ago

Fantasia Gardens and Fairways Miniature Golf

5 Rating  

My favorite mini golf course as a kid, and likely still now. Plus they don't care if you move from 18 right back to the first tee.

Pros: Really fun course, even if you don't love Disneyana stuff. Plus it's in a great location near Swan/Dolphin/EPCOT so good for the adults.

Cons: Standard "Disney is too expensive" goes here, but it's pretty reasonable for a loop here.

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