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Review for wrote by Carlyn
Rating: 11111 12 April 2016
Pros: Neighboorhood local with free parking
Cons: I still miss Jacobsen's :-( So sad they went out of business! I have great memories of times spent at HPV with my mom shopping and dining there :-)
Comments: Always a treat - I love the FLING events and the Fresh Markets on the last Sunday of every month! Oh, and the cronuts at Piquant!!!
Review for wrote by Dior
Rating: 11111
Pros: Super cute Trendy Clean Lots of shopping for different price ranges
Cons: Food court sucks!
Comments: I just came here from Iowa with a couple friends for my birthday vacation, we stayed at La Quinta which happened to be really close to the International Plaza. We walked around and took pictures, it's absolutely BEAUTIFUL! And we ended up spending a lot more money than our bank ..
Review for wrote by Scott
Rating: 11111
Pros: Winthrop Town Center has a good variety of restaurants that include Greek, burgers, tex-mex, pizza and dessert. The shopping center has a unique style that gives it a historic ambiance.
Cons: The parking lot sometimes fills up making it a little annoying and the exit onto Bloomingdale Ave can be dangerous at times.
Comments: Winthrop is one of my favorite shopping centers in the area, primarily because it is well kept up and has some very good options for dining.
Review for wrote by Antonia
Rating: 11111
Pros: European Designeres represented, great choices for dining
Cons: I miss shopping Fendi, Dior, Tod`s and D&G :-(
Comments: The best place for shopping in Tampa :-)
Review for wrote by Wendy
Rating: 11111 31 January 2016
Comments: Excellent! Outstanding service, quality, and beautiful designs. Family owned and operated. Cute little gift shop inside too. Definitely worth stopping in.
Review for wrote by Carlyn
Rating: 11111 23 January 2016
Pros: Great selection, great prices, fair and honest traders.
Cons: The parking.
Comments: A one-stop shop they have taken care of my husband and me for years. I have purchased, sold, and had pieces repaired. My husband has known Joe since they were kids. This is an honest, trustworthy group at Associated!