With the school year coming to a close and the summer on the horizon, what better way to celebrate than capitalizing on some of the best deals for good report cards in Tampa? The following companies all offer rewards for students with good report cards, allowing young Tampa students across the city to enjoy their success with free food and other activities.

Skate Park of Tampa

All A's & B's from the most recent grade period, you'll get a free skate session at one of the best parks for grinders and flyers anywhere!


You've got options here. Chick-fil-A covers both savory and sweet cravings by offering either a free eight-pack of chicken nuggets or a free ice cream cone for a report card featuring all A's and B's.


Show your cashier a report card with and A's and B's, and they'll throw in a free treat with your order.

Pizza Hut

Treat your kid to a personal meal! Elementary or middle school students with at least three A's on their report card get a free personal pan pizza and a small soda or milk. Note that not all Pizza Hut locations will offer this deal, so be sure to check with your local Tampa store.

Coldstone Creamery

Show your cashier a straight-A report card, and Cold Stone will reward your child with a free ice cream. This offer is valid for elementary school students only.

Baskin Robbins

Looking for more free ice cream? Show a good report card here and get another free scoop.

Marco’s Pizza

This one starts on June 1 and runs through the end of the month, so be sure to mark your calendars accordingly. A small, one-topping pizza is the reward here for any student, kindergarten through college, who brings in a report card with at least one A. 

Krispy Kreme Tampa

Here's a deal for the ages: for every A on your student's report card, Krispy Kreme will give a free glazed donut. They offer up to six, so rack up those A's!

Chuck E. Cheese’s

If your student prefers free activities to free food, Chuck E. Cheese has a great offer - give your kid the Super Student Award and they can redeem it for ten free game tokens.

Burger King

It's not quite a report card reward, but it's just as good. Some Burger King locations will offer a free burger or ice cream cone to any student with a 100% grade on a test. Check with your local Tampa Burger King and see if they offer this deal. 

Bob Evans

Select Bob Evans locations offer a free scoop of ice cream for a report card with good grades. Check with your local store on this one.

Jason's Deli

Parents can reward kids ages 1-12 for good grades with "Kid Cash" at Jason's Deli locations, which can be used towards a free meal. You can access the submission form and get the process started here. And sorry University of South Florida students next door... you're too old and educated.


Each year on June 23rd, Sbarro celebrates PizzAchievers Day. All students have to do is present a report card with all A's and B's, and they'll receive a free slice of pizza and a small drink.

Need more stores giving away free stuff in Tampa? Check back at 813area and be sure to register. It's free as well!