If you’ll check the calendar and vibe near you, it won’t be difficult for you to notice that Easter is just a few days away. 

The time around Easter is deeply special and beautiful! From fun egg hunts to delightful Easter brunch to serene church services, Tampa dives into a traditional spirit. For many people, it’s time to go back to their cultural traditions and rituals.

In this blog, let’s go down memory lane and explore some of the most beautiful Easter traditions in Tampa and their meanings -

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Mesmerizing Easter Traditions & Their Significance

Send Easter Lilies

Lilies are a popular Easter flower and symbolize purity and hope. These trumpet-shaped blooms hold a special significance on Easter as they symbolize the trumpet of Gabriel.

If you want to show someone you care about them, get a fresh bouquet of lilies from Florist Fire at Hyde Park or Carrollwood Florist at Carrollwood.

Decorate Eggs

Easter and egg decoration go hand in hand. Whether you’re with your kids or friends, dyeing eggs or painting them with intricate designs is a fun activity. Eggs symbolize new life, and decorating them conveys the rebirth of nature in spring.

Be a part of the Easter egg hunt at Easter Eggstravangza. It’s exclusively for kids and they can be a part of Bubble Palooza too. You can also join Easter Egg Hunt on the Beach with your family.

Go Out for Easter Brunch

A classic Easter Brunch with mouth-watering dishes like ham, lamb, and quiche is our favorite holiday tradition. Families get together to share meals, spend time with loved ones, and make new memories. 

If you wish to go out with your family and loved ones for a scrumptious Easter brunch, make reservations at Oxford Exchange or Bern's Steak House

Attend Easter Sunrise Service

Early morning masses are a significant part of the Easter tradition, as they symbolize the rising of the sun and the resurrection of Jesus. Dating back centuries, Easter Sunrise Service is a wonderful way to start the day with hope and joy.

If you live near Hyde Park, you can visit Horizon Church to attend the service.

Join an Easter Parade

Several organizations host annual Easter parades to celebrate the fun and beauty of Easter. With colorful floats, marching bands, and costumed characters, the street looks celebratory. Join a parade in the beautiful weather of Spring and have a good time with your loved ones.  

Let’s manifest new beginnings on Easter! For more updates on the Easter happenings in the town, register in 813rea. It’s free!