Running clubs in Tampa are not hard to find. Thanks to the perfect year-round weather, the city-wide health push and an abundance of parks, Tampa running groups thrive.

The most notable is probably the 25 year old Tampa Bay Runners. This social running club welcomes runners of all abilities and hosts both weekday and weekend runs.

People in the area are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of a balanced healthy diet and exercise contributing to a longer and healthier life. Fitness in Tampa is becoming commonplace. There are quite a few different types of groups. Some are designed for runners training for marathons.

One of these is the Tampa Blue Shark Running Team. The Blue Sharks are primarily a marathon training team begining their runs and August and going until February when marathon season ends. If you're looking to train for a marathon with 80-100 people in the same boat, the Blue Sharks is a great Tampa running club for you.

Serious runners seeking long-distance, scenic running in Tampa won't have a difficult time finding them. There are a few routes that traverse the beautiful Downtown Tampa area as well as other eye-pleasing locales in the area.

South Tampa is a good place for more leisurely running groups. They provide an easy and free way for people in the area to enjoy running outdoors in the parks.  One of these groups is Take the First Step, a group geared towards beginners and focuses on long-term goals of aerobic fitness.

Since running isn't for everyone, there are other forms of exercise clubs to promote health. Cycling clubs in Tampa are becoming popular. These clubs usually have meetups once per week or more, riding in groups.  Some of these include the Tampa Bay Freewheelers, the Suncoast Cycling Club, and the Southwest Association of Mountain Peddlers.

Get up, get out there, and get fit with these great cycling and running clubs in Tampa today!