RVIP || LIFE is all about exploring and making the most of your days: no matter how they begin, or end. If you are a weekend warrior and like to travel, spend time outdoors, and enjoy sightseeing, then you'll fit right in with the RVIP || LIFE community. Their mission is to make travel fun, easy and more affordable; and your experiences on the road with one of their vehicles will satisfy any appetite for excitement.

RVIP || LIFE offers RV adventures at a fraction of the cost of other RV rental companies and without the ownership responsibilities. RVIP || LIFE offers Membership, where you can take advantage of all the perks of luxury RV travel, camping, and leisure without having to deal with the hassles of RV ownership.


With an RVIP || LIFE Club Membership, you get monthly rental days using their fleet of luxury Class A and C motorhomes. They have more dates available for booking than any other RV Member Club in the US, and their membership rental plans cost a fraction of what RV rental websites charge.

As a member of RVIP || LIFE, you will have access to any of the RV's in our growing fleet including:

Class A Rental

Our Class A Member motorhomes are 33-37 feet in length and sleep 6-8 people depending on the floor plan. For exploring around town once camped, you can also tow your vehicle with this RV for an extra fee. This is by far our most luxurious, spacious and comfortable RV experience.

This RV offers:

  • Large Appliances; Fridge, Oven, Stove, Microwave Multiple TV’s.
  • Large wide open living area and outdoor awnings, with plenty of storage.
  • Queen Bedroom and Two Full Size Beds in the Lounge and above the cockpit.


Class C Rental

Class C Motorhomes are more spacious than Class B and offer amenities along the lines of a Class A. They are good for 3-4 individual people or a small family. They offer some the same features as a Class A, but at a lower Member price. These motorhomes provide a tremendous sampling of RV Life without spending too much.

This RV offers:

  • Smaller size than Class A for more camping options with a bedroom and full bed over the cabin.
  • Easier to park in city streets, but still “bulky.”
  • More indoor space than Class B, with more sleeping accommodations, TV’s, half fridge, microwave, stove etc.


Coming Soon:

Class B Rental

The main advantage to a Class B Motorhome is its size. It is much easier to park in smaller spaces at campgrounds as well as city streets. It is easy to use a Class B as your daily driver also while visiting towns and for exploring. This type of RV is best for a party of 1-2 people.

This RV offers:

Small size for more camping choices, easy to park on city streets.
Driving and living areas connected.
Smaller interior living and storage space, best suited for spending time outdoors at the campsite and using the interior to sleep, store clothes and food, shower, etc.

Airstream Rental

Airstream Memberships are a lower cost, but luxurious way to enjoy camping, however you have to tow it. Whether you want to tow the Airstream yourself, or have it delivered to the campsite and set up for you in advance, we can accommodate. Airstreams offer very comfortable living quarters and a outdoor covered space.

Smaller interior living and storage space, best suited for spending time outdoors at the campsite and using the interior to sleep, store clothes and food, shower, etc.
Needs towed, cannot be driven. Similar to Class B in size and accommodations.
Can be delivered/picked up and set up in advance by RVIP for you at your campsite for a fee.

Plan an unforgettable journey with an RVIP || LIFE Membership here: https://rvip.life/member-plans/


You will be assigned as a Member to the RV Class and the amount of days each year that best meet your needs. With this Membership, there are no hassles at all; all you have to do is turn up at the pickup site, load the RV, depart on your journey, and return it when you're finished.

On their Member Reservation Center, RVs are reserved in 4 day minimum blocks, and you have a total of 21 to 42 days or depending on your plan to use the RV throughout the year.

Are you ready for luxurious and exciting adventures? Hit the road now and feel at home with RVIP || LIFE in Tampa, Florida!

Cover photo courtesy of RVIP || LIFE