With summer just around the corner in Tampa Bay, it's important that your children know how to swim so that they can enjoy swimming in the pool or ocean safely. Hillsborough County has a number of places where you kids can learn to swim, so take advantage this nice spring weather and sign your kids up for swimming lessons before summer vacation begins!


The YMCA of Hillsborough County teaches young kids and adults alike how to swim. They break up classes into five different age groups: Infant and Toddler (6 months to 3 years old), Preschool (3 to 5 years old), School Age (5 to 11 years old), Teenagers (11 to 17 years old), and Adult Swim (17+ years old). In each age group, there are different levels from those unable to float to swimming like a guppie, and each group accommodates specifically to your little swimmers' abilities. In order to be placed into the correct group for your skill set, you must go through a swim evaluation where an instructor will talk with each potential member and see what they’re confident in doing and what they are not, and these evaluations are held on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Prices remain the same at $98 for members and $192 for non-members until you reach the third level in school-age lessons when the price rises to $132 for members and $264 for non-members. This extensive program will have your kids ready for the pool or beach in no time! 

Bryan Glazer Family Jewish Community Center

At the Bryan Glazer Family JCC, they offer swimming lessons for children and adults who don’t know how to swim yet in Hillsborough County. They are firm believers in teaching your kids to swim at a young age, so lessons begin for 6 month old babies to just get comfortable and confident in the water. These classes require parent involvement as well. They also break their lessons into age groups: Parent & Tot, Preschool, Grade School, and Adult lessons. However, they also break up the little ones into animal groups where each animal represents one’s ability to swim. The five groups from least to most skilled include Tadpole, Turtle, Seal, Stingray, and Otter. As your kids gain skills, they move up the food chain from Tadpole to Otter. The Glazer JCC has five sessions of lessons this spring and summer, but they begin on April 2, and spots are filling up quickly, so be sure to sign up soon so your little one can cool off during the summer!

Brandon Sports and Aquatic Center

The Brandon Sports and Aquatic Center in Hillsborough County is offering a comprehensive program of swimming lessons for your kids to enjoy this summer! The offer group lessons in four different levels, private lessons, and semi-private lessons as well as Parent & Tot classes. The four levels for group lessons are Beginner, Entry Level, Intermediate, and Advanced. In level one classes, kids learn to float and blow bubbles while getting comfortable and confident in the water. But by the time they’re advanced swimmers, they’ll be learning to swim with proper form and even learn the butterfly stroke so they can impress you by the pool! Group lessons cost $99 for eight classes during the week, and it's $50 for lessons on the weekend. For toddlers and infants, the lessons only cost $50 for four 30-minute sessions in the pool. If your child, or you, are in need of private, one-on-one lessons with an instructor, they’re $160 for five 30-minute sessions and $130 for five 40-minute lessons that are semi-private. The Brandon Sports and Aquatic Center is confident in making your kids little minnows in the pool this summer!

City of Tampa Swimming Lessons

The City of Tampa believes that swimming in a life-long skill that everyone can enjoy. Through the American Red Cross, Tampa has begun teaching kids and adults alike how to swim in Hillsborough County. They offer four different classes so that all of their citizens have the opportunity to learn how to swim. The Parent and Child Aquatics classes are for children ages 6 months to 3 years old where instructors familiarize the children with the water and allow them time to get prepared to learn the right strokes and form, and parents are taught safety tips and tricks to keep their new little swimmers safe. Next is Preschool Aquatics where young kids ages 3 through 5 learn fundamental water safety, breath control, buoyancy, treading, and swimming on their backs and bellies. The Learn to Swim classes include children ages 6 years and older where they learn to float, kick, and retrieve things underwater along with the proper form of a front crawl, back crawl, backstroke, and breaststroke. Lastly, the adult lessons teach adults to swim in a higher-paced environment. Make sure both you and your kids are knowledgeable about water safety and swimming before school's out for the summer!

Calypso Swim Center

In Hillsborough County, The Calypso Swim Center is teaching little ones to swim with their four-level program with lessons on how to swim. Their goal is to make you an independent and confident swimmer so you can swim long distances and in deep waters if you had to. Their classes start at $68 for the year with a $21 annual membership fee that must be paid before your first lesson. In beginner classes, students will learn to float, blow bubbles underwater, and doggie paddle. In the intermediate classes, swimmers will learn the proper form of each stroke and how to swim for a longer time without exerting so much energy for the same price as beginner lessons. In their advanced classes, students will be expected to know all of their strokes and will be taught to perfect them and add speed to their strokes. For private one-on-one lessons with an instructor, lessons are $160 plus the $21 annual membership fee.

Seal Swim School

Seal Swim School provides your children with an opportunity to learn to swim before the summer starts in Hillsborough County and the need for a quick dip in the pool grows! They break their classes up into five different groups based on age and skill level. The first group is the water babies where newborns through five-months-olds learn to get comfortable in the water with the help of their parents. Parent & Tot classes require parental support as well. While the tots are learning to swim, the parents will be there for support every step of the way. During the group lessons, children age 2 and up will learn how to swim with proper form and technique in 30 minutes each week with only 3 other kids in their classes. Private lessons are available to students looking to further improve their swimming, and for 15 minutes every week, your child will receive personal lessons catered to their specific needs. If your child is looking to take four classes a month, it will cost $83 for group lessons and $144 for private lessons. If they’re looking to hit the pool five times each month, then group lessons cost $103.75 and private lessons cost $180. Be sure to sign your kids up before the summer heat returns to Tampa!

Whether your kids have never set foot into the water or know the doggie paddle well, they can all learn something from these swimming lessons. No matter the age or skill set, there is a spot for your child at one of these facilities in Hillsborough County offering swimming lessons. Make sure to sign your kids up now before all the slots fill up!

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