Big Easy Bar in Ybor is the next best thing next to hopping in your car and driving to New Orleans!  Serving up traditional Creole/Cajun fare with a side of whiskey and music since 2015 this bar and eatery should be a stop on your next trip to Ybor City. Ybor City offers us plenty of places to eat and drink but who else combines adult beverages with yummy Louisiana cooking the way Big Easy Bar does! For Southern Creole cooking with a twist, Big Easy Bar is the place for you. 

5 Reasons To Visit Big Easy Bar in Ybor City

1. It isn't just a bar
As much as we love our Ybor clubs and bars sadly many do not offer food. Sure, dancing and drinking are fun, but wouldn't it be nice to have something delicious with that whiskey? Changing the vibe in Ybor is the Big Easy Bar.  A place where your alcohol-fueled passions are met and paired with a host of Creole and Cajun fusion flavor!

2. The menu offers something for vegetarians
When you think about dishes from Louisiana, you often think meat and seafood. While this is a huge staple of the Big Easy Bar's menu, it isn't all they offer. If you are a vegetarian hitting the town with your friends and you want to stop at The Big Easy Bar, rest easy [get it?] They serve up delicious creamed corn, sandwiches, Better-Than-Grandma's Mac and Cheese and more. If you see a meaty sandwich you want to order, no problem, they will make it veggie friendly, just ask!

3. The food is drool-worthy
The Big Easy serves up belly-filling fresh shrimp and seafood at an affordable price. Buying only quality ingredients they keep costs low passing the savings on to you. Seafood can get pricey, so to jump into a jambalaya filled with shrimp for $10-$12 is something #shareworthy!  During a recent trip, we met with one of the three owners and learned they are quite proud of their Cuban sandwich, we will be giving it a try during our next visit to this wonderful bar and eatery. If you beat us there tell us what you think in Reviews.

4. The atmosphere is welcoming to everyone
Should you hail from the great state of Louisiana The Big Easy Bar feels like home! Receiving rave reviews online and in-person the way this bar strives to make your eating and drinking experience memorable is paying off in a BIG way as more and more people discover this gem in Ybor.  From the cool interior vibe, Motown Monday music night, Midnight Mardi Gras, Crawfish boils, whiskey and bourbon choices, hot DJ's, and daily specials there is something at Big Easy Bar to please every age. Big Easy Bar is a great place to take your Mom, Grandmom or a date to dinner and a laid back place to vibe with your crew.  It is as its name implies, big and easy, however, we can think of additional words to describe Big Easy, comfy, clean, fun, brilliant, soulful and visionary!.

Open Mon-Fri: 4:00 pm - 3:00 am Sat-Sun: 12:00 pm - 3:00 am

5. Come for happy hour and stay for the boil
Every Monday night, the Big Easy Bar sends your taste buds out of this world with a delish Creole Country boil. Reminiscent of those hosted in New Orleans, the boil is served up in a traditional style where food is boiled and then dumped on newspaper. If you arrive early, you will have time to indulge in happy hour! Drinks range in price and are affordable. The bourbon and whiskey selections are superb choices or perhaps you would like to dive into an Abita or Big Easy IPA. this is a beer lover's paradise! 

Bringing a taste of the Bayou to 7th Ave. with craft cocktails, local beers, everyday specials, and cajun cuisine Pat, Jeff and Daryl (each with deep ties to Tampa) would love to meet you and share the history Ybor City has with New Orleans. We love everything about the Big Easy Bar! Have you tried them? Please let us know what you think in comments below, or leave your review on their Business Page.