Everyone has an opinion about who has the best Cuban sandwich in Tampa and we’ve narrowed it down to these 5 Cuban restaurants in Tampa. A traditional Cuban sandwich consists of Cuban bread, mustard, pickles, pork, ham and Swiss cheese. There are different variations of the sandwich but these ingredients can be agreed upon that they are the necessities for an authentic Cuban sandwich. The following places stick to these guidelines and have proven to provide the best Cuban sandwiches in Tampa.

Brocato’s – Famous for their deviled crab cakes and Cuban sandwiches, this place is always packed outside the door with locals trying to get their hands on these delicious menu items.

Palm Ave. Sandwich Shop – A cash only, local sandwich place connected to a transmission shop, but do not be fooled by the lack of visual presentation. Palm Ave. Sandwich Shop makes an incredible Cuban sandwich and for a great price! This place definitely gives competitors a run for their money when competing for the best Cuban sandwich in Tampa.

La Teresita – Not as big a secret as these other restaurants, most Tampa locals are quite familiar with La Teresita and their food. Many visit day and night to find out why everyone raves about their amazing Cuban sandwiches.

Aguila Sandwich Shop – Featured on Man v. Food Nation on the Travel Channel, Aguila is another local sandwich shop that stays packed with those who are familiar with their reputation of having the best Cuban sandwiches in Tampa.

La Ideal Sandwich Shop – This former grocery store in Tampa quickly turned into a restaurant when they saw how popular their Cuban sandwiches were and still are today. The friendly staff and environment are a lovely addition to their Cuban sandwiches and a must visit to determine just who has the best Cuban sandwich in Tampa.