What better way to end your day in Tampa than with a classic hot fudge sundae?

Tampa boasts many popular spots and hidden gems where you and your friends can indulge in this tasty summer treat.

If you and your family are looking for the best-tasting hot fudge sundae in Tampa, we have several recommendations. Here's where you can get ridiculously scrumptious hot fudge sundaes in Tampa!

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Harry Waugh Dessert Room at Bern's
5.0  5 Rating (1)
1208 South Howard Ave., Tampa FL, 33606
Harry Waugh has a separate room from the main restaurant, where you can explore the various desert options on their menu. Indulge in the unique hot fudge sundae in Tampa from this restaurant.
Its hot fudge sundae is handmade and prepared using exquisite ingredients. Besides, you can order a side of macadamia nut sundae or a mix of both. You will love it!
Twistee Treat | Gandy
Other $$
4418 W Gandy Blvd, Tampa FL, 33611
Craving for a homemade hot fudge sundae? Twistee Treat got you covered with their freshly made soft and amazing hot fudge sundae. You can have your custom made the way you like it any day of the week. Twistee treat's menu also has a wide range of ice creams, shakes, malts, and other traditional classics.
Ben & Jerry's
Restaurant $$
1106 Gramercy Lane, Tampa FL, 33607
You can also enjoy your hot fudge sundae from Ben & Jerry's in midtown Tampa. They will make yours from scratch, so you get to select the kind of flavors you want. You may go for the milk & cookies with a touch of chocolate therapy and hot fudge core.
Alternatively, get the triple caramel chunk with phish food and caramel core, or order yours with unique flavors.
Bo's Ice Cream
5.0  5 Rating (1)
7101 N. Florida Ave., Tampa FL, 33604
Bo’s ice cream, located at Old Seminole Heights, Tampa, features delicious hot fudge sundae. This soft serve sundae is well made and just melts in your mouth. Their portion is quite generous and the prices very affordable. Do not fail to order the caramel on brownie fudge sundae; if you love it with caramel, it's delicious.
Sea Maids Creamery
4230 North Florida Avenue, Tampa FL, 33603
If you happen to tour downtown Tampa, make sure you try the hot fudge sundae from sea maids creamery. You have many unique flavors to choose from to make your fudge sundae. The friendly staff in this cute little place is always ready to help you get the best selection and create magic for your hot fudge sundae.