Kava has made its way to Tampa! The Polynesian drink has become a popular addition to coffee and teas, and is part of a new health craze and even as an alcohol alternative. For those who don't yet know the ins and outs, the drink is said to do everything from reducing tension to improve mood. It's often paired in stores with kratom, an herb with other qualities that give some people a different feeling. For those who are looking for more places to try, here's a breakdown of some of the best kava bars in Tampa Bay.

Mad Chiller World

One of Tampa’s newest kava bars, Mad Chiller World, which opened its doors in SoHo has moved to East Ybor City recently. Their kava is strong enough to satisfy Tampanians who have been crossing the bridge to St. Pete for their fix, but they’re also serving up a welcome surprise: waffles. Thick genuine Belgian waffles paired with everything from Nutella and strawberries to chicken and bacon jam. They’re the solution to your late-night cravings; open until 3 a.m. and delivering through UberEats too.

Twist Vapor Cafe

Twist Vapor’s coffee shop is trying its hand with the kava craze. Alongside their Puerto Rican imported coffee, they offer kratom teas and kava shots crafted to grant you the gift of serenity. These exotic drinks are popular with their regular patrons and the cafe provides the perfect atmosphere to sit, sip and try something new.

Steep Station

This Carrollwood tea room knows all about kava and kratom. They blend the fancy new drinks with tea or coffee to create concoctions all generations love. These yummy drinks stand alongside regular teas, coffees and delicious acai bowls. The airy atmosphere and friendly staff make this the perfect place to have a snack and relax, and is one of the best kava bars in Tampa!

4th Street Kava House

Kava or kratom smoothies are the specialty at the 4th Street Kava House, blended for a one-of-a-kind taste in one of the most popular kava bars in St. Petersburg. They also offer traditional preparations of both kava and kratom, as well as drinks mixed with juices, coffee, tea or energy drinks. Daily specials are $8 smoothies on Mondays, Wednesday's kratom on tap is buy-one-get-one-free from 5 p.m. until close, and Saturdays are half-price kratom mixes from 3 p.m. until close, and Sundays are free unlimited kava shells with any purchase.

Muddy Water Kava & Tea

Now open 24 hours a week, Muddy Water is your answer to any kava, tea, or coffee craving. Their kava is of premium quality, originating in Vanuatu, and is selected for its relaxing properties. The coffee and tea are premium too, 40-35 Coffee Roasters has the perfect taste for customers' expectations, and the Tea Alchemist blends provide solutions for any ailment. Their everyday specials encourage you to drop by anytime. 

Bula Kafe

The original of all the kava bars in St. Petersburg has been serving customers since 2009. Their kava comes only form the noble strains of Vanuatu Kava, and is served at the traditional shell. Their coffee is roasted in Tampa from only the finest Arabica beans and their tea is sourced for the best quality. Specialty drinks include coffee and tea blends, hot chocolate, smoothies and tea lattes.

Tampa Vapor

After you’ve tried the kava bars in the Tampa Bay scene, it’s only natural that you might want to make kava at home. Tampa Vapor now offers kava and kratom products: kava tea, ground kava, kava makers, and kava gummies. Kratom products include tea, powdered kratom, and kratom gummies.

Try them all and let us know which was your favorite in the comments, and subscribe for free to 813area.com for all the new dining crazes in Tampa!

Picture from PxHere.com