By: Andrew Silverstein

Being a coastal city, Tampa's got no shortage of seafood options around town.  It defines our culinary landscape and finds its way into a wide variety of dishes served throughout the city. The Westshore District is a popular area for top-notch restaurants serving some of the best cuisine in the bay area, and there's definitely a few seafood restaurants worthy of your attention if that's your thing.  Here's five of the best seafood restaurants in Westshore. Capital Grille - Capital Grille is one of the top destinations for contemporary, upscale dining in Tampa.  The food, as you can probably guess, is of the utmost quality and freshness with a sense of creativity and flavor unmatched by other Tampa restaurants.  Of course, seafood is no exception.  Enjoy a variety of entrees including broiled, fresh lobster, grilled swordfish with lemon shallot relish, seared citrus-glazed salmon, and more. Kona Grill - Kona Grill prides itself on a world-class menu with items of the utmost freshness and all made from scratch.  Their seafood? It's flown in daily.  It's hard to get more fresh than that.  Kick back in this modern space with a quality cocktail and enjoy seafood items like miso sake marinated sea bass, sweet chili glazed salmon, and an assortment of sushi rolls. Mitchell's Fish Market - If it's seafood you're craving, then it's probably hard to go wrong at a place like Mitchell's with 'fish' right there in its title.  With a constantly changing menu printed twice daily you can be assured every selection comes in fresh right from sea.  Fresh-catch seafood dishes range from rainbow trout to yellowfin tuna, mahi mahi, and much more. Ocean Prime - For an upscale, modern dining experience rife with creative and tasty cuisine in Westshore, Ocean Prime is the place to be.  Their seafood is selected daily for the most freshness and they feature only wild and naturally harvested fish.  Seafood selections include ginger salmon, blackened snapper, seared tuna, alaskan halibut, and more. Crazy Buffet - If you're looking for the mecca of all-you-can eat and top-quality seafood restaurants in Westshore, then head to Crazy Buffet.  Featuring a full sushi bar, hibachi grill, and wide variety of other Asian buffet items, Crazy is the place to be if you've got a big hunger to satisfy.  Seafood options are anything but limited too with a wide selection featuring crab legs, coconut shrimp, marinated mussels, scallops and more. This is just a sampling of the great seafood restaurants in Westshore.  Explore this vibrant district today and discover your favorite.