By: Sally Baker

When driving down the southern end of Bayshore Blvd, you might do a double take when passing Chubby's Super Subs & Pizza.  Do not be fooled by the somewhat odd looking exterior of a white building painted with balloons, stars and red and blue bubble letters boasting their popular items: Pizza, Pasta, Subs.  Deciding not to judge a book by its cover will go a long way at Chubby's, you just have to step inside.

The comfortable interior of wooden tables and plastic chairs adds a bit of charm, but the flare comes with the decor... clowns... a lot of clowns.  I should mention that even those incredibly afraid of clowns have still made their way to Chubby's in South Tampa, many a time, because the food is that good.  So let's talk food!

On my particular visit to Chubby's Super Subs & Pizza, I asked my famous question to the team, "What's your favorite?" followed by, "What's the most popular?" Hands down the answer came out to both questions as, "The Steak Bomb."  As we sat waiting our subs, I started to notice everyone was ordering this famous Steak Bomb sandwich, so I was sure I made the right choice, although the young girl sitting at the table next to me had one incredible looking pizza!

My Steak Bomb sandwich came, and I was left speechless.  The perfectly melted cheese under the incredibly tender and flavorful steak slices was more than my taste buds could handle.  I had become full half way through, but couldn't stop eating that second half.  Yes, I would have to work out extra hard this day, but this experience was worth it.

If you haven't tried Chubby's Super Subs & Pizza in South Tampa yet, I suggest you bring your friends and a great appetite so you can try all the favorites.  The cheesesteaks are simply out of this world and the pizza holds just as strong a reputation.  Chubby's also offers several beer selections for those needing a wind-down from a long day at work. No matter what you order to eat or drink at Chubby's, you will be quite satisfied when you leave, we've yet to meet anyone that wasn't!

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