Have you been to Tampa’s Alessi Bakeries? Have you purchased their delicious pastries, cakes, or perhaps been fortunate enough to be at a party catered by this Tampa icon? If you haven’t, it is time for you to head to South Tampa and give Alessi the taste test!  Always delicious, Alessi Bakery remains a Tampa Bay bakery favorite! We promise you won’t be sorry. Whether it is your 1st or 41st trip to the bakery, we have some fun facts to share with you before you go!

Delicious Alessi Bakery Remains A Tampa Bay Bakery Favorite

Fun Fact: Alessi Bakery is a true Tampa landmark
Alessi has been a staple in Tampa Bay since 1912, meaning these guys have been around for over 100 years! How cool is that?!  Although the days of delivering goods by horse and buggy are long gone, Alessi Bakery still provides clients with an “old world” feel.

Photo courtesy of Alessi Bakery, provided by local photographer Gary Hill ~ 1820-1822 N. Howard Ave. / Alessi Bakery Building This was the home of the Alessi Brothers Bakery from 1933 until they moved to their current location on Cypress in the 1960s. The 1931 date at the top of the building marks the year that this building became the home of Patrone's and Alessi Bakeries

Fun Fact: The business is a family affair
Over 100 years ago, Nicolo Alessi arrived in Tampa from Italy and brought his knowledge of baking and proud Italian heritage with him.  Nicolo’s son John Alessi, continued his father’s tradition of baking, receiving numerous awards for his cake decorating. John’s son Phil helped expand Alessi Bakery around the Tampa Bay Area, and his son, Phil Jr. continues the father-son tradition to this day! When you are a patron of Alessi, you know you are getting traditional, homemade Italian baked goods!

Fun Fact: The cake recipe has been perfected for over 100 years
Remember John Alessi, Nicolo's son who wins all the cake decorating competitions? The very same cake recipes he used decades ago have been perfected over the years. Alessi Bakery’s cakes are well-known across Tampa Bay for their personal touch at weddings and milestone events. Give Alessi a call for your next event!

Yes this is a cake!  Photo courtesy of Alessi Bakery

Fun Fact: Alessi Bakery sells products nationally
That’s right! Our little Tampa Bay gem sells baked goods wholesale to national companies! Alessi Bakery has a 100,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Northwest Tampa that creates the same high-quality baked goods and specialty items local patrons have loved for over a century. 

Fun Fact: They don’t just serve sweets
If you thought Alessi Bakery just served pastries you are dead wrong! Although they offer tons of yummy sweets, their menu is large and they offer a broad range of options. We particularly love their all-day breakfast, fabulous sandwiches/clubs/Cubans, and their entree combo options.

Alessi Bakery, a foodie favorite!

Fun Fact: Alessi Bakery delivers
The only thing better than finding your favorite local staple is finding out that your favorite local staple delivers! Yep, that’s right! Alessi Bakery not only offers catering, they offer delivery too! Whether you are craving a homemade Cuban sandwich or an after-dinner dessert, ring Alessi Bakery and get something delicious delivered right to your door. 

Fun Fact: Alessi Bakery serves up goods at other local favorites
Did you know you don’t even have to go to Alessi to purchase some of their goods? For example, The Attic Cafe, a popular spot for locals and business people looking for a great place to meet a client in downtown Tampa, is supplied by Alessi Bakery. Are you in downtown and want something truly special? Stop in at The Attic for the great view, exceptional food, delicious Alessi bakery items and cold craft brews!

Why does Alessi succeed where others fail?  Why does Alessi Bakery Remain at the top of the list of Tampa Bay's favorite bakeries?  It's Nicolo's insistence on quality, hard-work, and dedication to customer service.  Have you been to Alessi Bakery recently?  No, grab a friend and go for lunch, enjoy a rewarding treat or see a man about a cake!  We'd love to hear your favorite "Alessi story", feel free to share them in comments below! 

This article was written by 813area.com Local Contributor and dessert-lover Victoria Yore. You can also follow Victoria on her blog Follow Me Away.