If you consider yourself a wine connoisseur that enjoys a nice cup of white wine with the proper food pairings check out the Epicureans cooking classroom, The Epicurean Theatre.

In mid-March we attended a fabulous wine tasting dinner where Chef Johnathan Wilson from Armani’s taught us how to become a chef and wine connoisseur, all for the same sitting. Chef Jonathan Wilson, who has an extensive culinary background that spans the country, made the idea of high end Italian really accessible to a home cook audience.

With over 15 years of experience, Chef Jonathan has worked at seven 4+ Diamond hotels and resorts where he served as Banquet Chef, Executive Sous Chef and earned a Realis & Chateaux certification. He finds inspiration in Italian, French, America, and Low Country cooking techniques, so your taste buds will rejoice in a wide array of flavors as you learn how to cook and taste the exceptional dishes below.

Excellent wine pairings came with every course during Armani’s class. The chefs were lively and had great chemistry as they carried the crowd through the brilliant pairing of food and drink.

The first course consisted of an Heirloom Carrot soup with herb oil, carefully paired with a white wine. I was weary about this dish as I’ve never been a big fan of carrots or soups in general, however Chef Wilson made it terrific. This bisque was definitely for someone with a more refined palette, but any foodie would love and enjoy it as a start to any meal. Atop the soup was a beautiful mascarpone cheese and fresh micro green oil.

A lobster cannoli was made for the second course, and it was just as delicious as it sounds. Made with Beurre Monte, poached Maine lobster, house citrus ricotta and seafood nage. Chef Wilson paired this with another fresh and crisp white wine.

Dessert was a semifreddo paired with a special port wine. It was made with coconut, rose water, candied truffle and coco nibs. I have always loved port wine and my parents always drank it with Christmas dinner, it has always reminded me of home.

So if you’re just a wine connoisseur or all-star foodie, observe an entertaining culinary demonstration while enjoying a uniquely curated meal, paired with hand-selected wines during The Epicurean's next classroom event.

You’ll learn, eat and drink until your heart's content. The next event is A Night with Oystercatchers on May 31st!

Check out all the details for their next event on 813area! Remember we are your free and local guide to foodie events in Tampa Bay!

Images courtesy of author and The Epicurean Hotel.