By: Andrew Silverstein

Dining in Tampa Bay will take an interesting turn beginning August 2 when renowned chef Jeannie Pierola will take over kitchen at Restaurant BT in South Tampa as part of Kitchenbar, a unique pop-up restaurant concept.

For 20 nights (Tues. - Sat.) from August 2 through 28, Pierola and her team will transform Restaurant BT into their own, delicious concept while the original owner, BT Nguyen Batley is traveling abroad in France.

Kitchenbar will feature an eclectic variety of delectable menu items perfectly suited for foodies and culinary newcomers alike.  If you're looking for a truly unique dining experience in Tampa Bay it's hard to think of a better option then Jeannie Pierola's Kitchenbar...if you can get in.

She's built quite a following with the first two pop-up restaurants at Pinky's Diner and Chefs on the Loose over the past year so you can bet this one will be quite the hot commodity.

In addition to Pierola's contemporary cuisine, a diverse selection of wine pairings chosen by notable consultant, Amy Cairns will also be available.  As the once-wine consultant at top Tampa retaurant, Sideberns, you can bet she knows some great wine.

The phone line for Kitchenbar reservations opens July 25.  Call 813-374-4537 to book an evening or get more information.

If you're looking for a truly unique and rare restaurant experience in Tampa Bay, Jeannie Pierola's Kitchenbar is a must-try.