Mad Chiller World Kava Lounge is the latest concept in South Tampa to take in. Known for its kava, an herbal beverage with medicinal properties, this cafe has become the most chill spot in Tampa. The beverage is known to have relaxing and stress-reducing properties, but regardless of drinks, the great customer service you experience goes above and beyond. For newcomers, you will be shown all the different kinds of kava, kratom, and chillers, as well as different coffees, food, and the trippiness of Mad Chiller altogether. For regulars, Mad Chiller World is a perfect spot to relax with friends, go to one of several weekly events, or take in the artistry of the cafe itself. For both customers, you can get $25 for $19 through 813area right now through the MyArea Voucher

Kava, Kratom, & Chillers

Kava and Kratom are delicious herbal teas that have euphoric effects on your body and mind. Said to reduce anxiety and aid in sleep, these drinks come squeezed to perfection and can be mixed with tons of flavors. These herbal teas are naturally bitter but they have delicious flavors like lemonade hibiscus, and chocolatey ones too. If you want to brew your own, they also have kava and kratom powder you can buy to make it in the comfort of your own home. Chillers are another option for herbal tea you can get at Mad Chiller and this beverage is known to treat muscle pain and panic attacks. Mad Chiller World has all the delicious beverages and caffeine is something they do great. From lattes to kombucha, cappuccinos to nitro cold brew. Whether you need some energy or need to wind down, there are tons of options for anyone looking to quench a thirst. They also have tons of CBD options for their drinks and food as well.

Flavorsome Food

If you want a delicious sweet treat while you lounge, Mad Chiller World doesn't have just cool drinks. Chocolate-filled to chicken fried, their flavorsome food showcases several delicious waffles for every occasion and hunger. Besides their waffles, you can often see a rotating menu of pizza, empanadas, flatbreads, vegan options, and a lot more different specials. They make all their food in-house and you can tell by how delicious everything is.


Mad Chiller World has so much going on any night of the week. They have an open mic night, midnight yoga sessions, and a weekly meetup for deep thinkers to spark discussions in the local community. Often you can find a book club meeting, paint nights, flow arts, live painting, and tons of games. They have board games, video games, and drinking games but it's not all about the games. Mad Chiller World is also a great study spot for tons of students and locals looking to lounge somewhere that isn't their home or the library.

Trippy Lounge

The second you walk into Mad Chiller World you are greeted with cool art and unique knickknacks. If you've ever ventured into one of the back rooms you get to experience some of the coolest art and trippy spaces in all of Tampa. It definitely has a 70s vibe and you can find tons of people enjoying the art of the building and all the unique artwork inside. Tons of local artists sell their art there considering Mad Chiller World is one of the most open-minded cafes in the Bay Area.

So if you want to try something new and experience one of the most unique cafes in Tampa, Mad Chiller World is your next go-to spot any night out. They are offering $25 for $19 right now through the MyArea Voucher program and will set you off with a desire for their kava, kratom, and waffles!

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