By: Sally Baker

Mad Dogs isn't just a place for Englishmen in Tampa; everyone is welcome at this British restaurant and pub in South Tampa. Locals love Mad Dogs for what it is, not just their food and drinks, but their atmosphere and service.  This is a place where people go to feel like a Brit and be treated like family.

Upon entering Mad Dogs and Englishmen Pub, you will see a hostess stand at the foot of a large patio where fans cooled guests seated at various tables.  Indoors, the bar lines a cozy room with dining room tables lit by warm candles and white tablecloths.  The ambiance inside is of a different nature than outside, but both are perfectly enjoyable.

No matter where you decide to sit, you will be spoiled with the attention from one of the incredibly friendly servers.  They are not all English, but most of them are which just adds to the fun and friendly environment.  Each server makes sure that each and every one of their guests are happy and satisfied with their menu and drink choices and just all around experience.

The next time you find yourself wanting to wind down from the hectic world and all that it demands, take a trek over to Mad Dogs and Englishmen in South Tampa and laugh all the worries of the day away with your friends and, of course, your server.