Meatless Monday: Cafe Hey

It's not often that a restaurant can satisfy your inner hipster and your classic diner, simultaneously. You want that instagram worthy lunch shot, but you also want to feel comfortable because as you know, you can't hide in minimalistic furniture. So where's the balance? Where is the balance of a beautiful dish, but the hometown, classic restaurant you crave? 

Enter: Cafe Hey. 

The shop is tucked on the corner of N Franklin Street in Downtown Tampa, close enough to the city center, but away from the direct hustle and bustle, making it the ideal stop for a relaxed meal. Aside from their hip decor, with new artwork cycling along the walls upon each visit, and the incredible mural that lines the outside... well, it's hard to say their menu is equally as cool. But, it is. From healthy sides, to a unique breakfast menu, this spot is sure to switch up what your normally grab and go lunch, for something tastier and a bit more creative. 

We tried the Kale Yeah salad, equipped with raw kale and red cabbage, in a garlic tomato dressing and topped with sesame seeds, and the VLT (vegan bacon, lettuce, tomato and vegan mayo, all dry pressed). In a word? Incredible. Packed with flavor, it's hard to ignore that these dishes are not only delicious, but healthy too. Pair this platters with an in-house speciality drink like some locally brewed Mother Kombucha or ginger beer, and your (Meatless) Monday is sure to take a turn for the better. 

And don't forget to snag a candid shot outside in front of the mural!