Ever wanted to feel relaxed, sip on some CBD cocktails and munch on some really yummy food? Well now you can! For the first time ever, Thee Tree House is the only restaurant in Tampa to offer cocktails and food with CBD infusion. You can add CBD to any cocktail of your liking for $2 and to any appetizer or main meal for $5! CBD is a safe, non-addictive substance that you can found naturally in leafy greens like spinach. This substance has proven to have significant therapeutic properties but it doesn’t make you feel “high” or intoxicated, and advanced modern medicine’s CBD is derived from a isolate derived from HEMP so there are zero traces of THC.

The CBD for Thee Tree House is provided by Advanced Modern Medicine, a local CBD manufacturer. One of their signature CBD infused drinks is called the Herbalizer. An all-natural, low calorie cocktail that for every one that is sold, a tree is planted. This is an initiative in partnership with One Tree Planted, a non-profit organization which makes it easy for anyone to plant trees in Asia, Africa, North and Latin America. So, as you feel good and sip on your Herbalizer cocktail you can feel good about giving back to the planet as well. Help Thee Tree House plant trees!

Imagine feeling so relaxed while eating the best brunch food there is in Tampa with your friends. And yes, at Thee Tree House you can truly find the best brunch food. Ever heard of Poutine? These fries are drowned in their homemade sausage gravy and topped off with delicious cheese curds. Another must-order item on their brunch menu is The Bird. A glazed yeast donut is topped with fried chicken and hot maple sauce butter; mixed greens are thrown in to finish it off. Avocado toast and salads like their Kale Caesar are on the menu as well for those healthier folks. 

If brunch isn’t your thing, they also have an extensive lunch menu. They have a chef selection of seasonal cheeses and meets, perfect to pair with a nice CBD infused wine. They also have vegetarian options like crispy Brussel Sprouts with Kim Chee Aioli and Sautéed Baby Carrots with Kim Chee and Aioli. For veggie lovers they also have Street Corn with avocado aioli, manchego cheese, smoked paprika, and micro cilantro. Their main menu includes exquisite dishes like their take on the Valencia style Paella, with your choice of chicken, shrimp, or chorizo and saffron rice. Another take on a classic is their Fish and Chips with hand-cut fries, cherry vinegar and house tartar. Yum! 

So get down there and soak in all the deliciousness and a little boost of happiness on the side! For more information on the best restaurants and events going on in the Tampa area, head on over to the 813area and register, its free! 


Cover photo courtesy of Thee Tree House