Local brands are trying to save you big on your next meal, party, or feast. Some of the best restaurants in Tampa have joined forces with MyArea Network to whip up some of the most delicious food in the Bay Area for a discounted price. Save big on some of your favorite restaurants and support a local business while you're at it.

Here are some of the best Tampa restaurants with discounts that you can get right away through the MyArea Network Support Local Voucher Program as seen below. Discounts in Tampa have never been better and you do not want to miss these restaurant deals in Tampa.


Tampa Pizza Company - $25 for $19 - Tampa Pizza Co is offering some of the best pizza in Tampa from the most local pizza restaurant in town. 

Little Greek - $100 for $75 or $25 for $19 - With options for large orders or small orders, Little Greek remains one of the best greek restaurants in Tampa with several locations nearby.

The Patio - $100 for $65 or $50 for $35 - Another option for large or small orders, The Patio is one of the best bars in Tampa for drinking, eating, having a good time, and watching some football.

Fusion Bowl - $25 for $20 - One of the best restaurants in Downtown Tampa, Fusions Bowl showcases some of the best Vietnamese cuisines in Tampa.

GenX Tavern - $50 for $35 - Your favorite local bar, GenX Tavern lavishes you with drinks, delicious food, and a unique bar setting to relax with friends or family.

Teriyaki Madness - $25 for $20 - Definitely one of the best Asian restaurants in Tampa with delicious healthy rice bowls, Teriyaki Madness can kill any hunger.

Alessi Bakeries - $25 for $19 - A staple of Tampa, Alessi Bakeries offers you delicious sweets, cakes, and any baked good you can think of.

ReBuilt Meals - $40 for $20 - A local meal plan service in Tampa to showcase some of the best healthy and scrumptious foods you've ever eaten.

Mad Chiller World - $25 for $19 - Known for their herbal tea, kava and kratom, Mad Chiller World offers you a trippy experience right in the heart of Tampa.

JF Kicks - $25 for $19 - One of the best bars to kick back and eat delicious food any time of the day, JF Kicks offers you its patio and bar to show you its unique menu items.

Check out these hot deals at some of the best restaurants in Tampa if you want to save money and eat delicious food! For more dining in Tampa, 813area is your go-to guide for all the best places to eat in Tampa.