Gourmet burger joints are no stranger to the Tampa Bay area.  In the past few years, restaurants serving high-end versions of this typically American blue collar have been popping up all throughout Tampa and beyond.  Places like Burger 21, Square One, Red Robin and more have been making their stake for the gourmet burger market in Tampa, but none do it quite like Burger Monger.

With locations in Carrollwood and Wesley Chapel, Burger Monger does not take the description of 'gourmet' lightly as I learned from a  late afternoon lunch on Wednesday afternoon.   Burger Monger utilizes a special, hard-to-find type of Japanese beef called Akaushi made from waygu cattle much like, but some say even better than, kobe beef.

While some might see this as just another marketing device to get people in the door, the taste of a Burger Monger burger is all the proof you need to see these people are seriously dedicated to a quality burger.

Medium rare with just a touch of pink inside, the Burger Monger burger patty could easily stand on its own as an entree in itself with a savory, salt-kissed flavor that just seems to melt in your mouth and get better with every bite.  Add cheese, all the fixings, and an airy, soft challah bun and you've easily got one of, if not the, best burger in the Tampa Bay area.

Throw in some hand-cut, perfectly golden fries and I dare you to tell me life isn't good as you devour this gourmet delicacy.

Burger Monger doesn't stop there, though.  Even the hot dogs, usually reserved to kid's meals and the back pages of other menus around the area, shine with the same waygu beef that makes the burgers so good and a hulking 1/4-pound size sure to satisfy.  Go for the chef's onion slaw, a creamy-pungent onion mix that compliments the deep beefiness of the dog and makes for a familiar yet altogether new hot dog flavor.

And, what would a quality burger joint be without an ample offering hand-dipped shakes and malts?  Burger Joint happily obliges with a rich Hagaan Daz chocolate shake that, despite my utter fullness, I find myself repeatedly sipping on.

Give Burger Monger a try and let us know if you agree, disagree, or had your own entirely unique experience there with a rating and review on the Burger Monger 813area business listing.